• Elksourcing:Procedure of a Quality Inspection

    Elksourcing:Procedure of a Quality Inspection

    For the importers who source from China, more and more realize that it is essential to arrange quality inspection for the products before they leave China. In most cases, the importers choose a third-party QC company to do pre-shipment quality inspection. In this article, I’d like to tell you the basic procedure of a quality inspection. 1) Communication of Requirements The purchaser describes his products: specifications, dimensions, function, appearance, labeling, packaging… More precise information is provided, the more you can utilize the inspection. If possible, an approved sample can be sent for the inspector’s reference. 2) An inspector goes to the factory After all products are finished and at least 80% packed, an inspector (or several inspectors if necessary, in most cases, one inspector is enough) goes to the factory. 3) Quantity verification The cartons are counted, to check if the whole quantity is presented. Then the inspector randomly selects a few…

  • Elksourcing:6 Common Mistakes for Sourcing in China

    Elksourcing:6 Common Mistakes for Sourcing in China

    Over our over ten-year experience of sourcing in China, we have come across some manufacturing nightmares that have happened in China. Here are 6 common mistakes we want to share with you. 1) Picking your partner based solely on price This is by far the most common and most disastrous mistake we see. And it’s easy to see why. In a world where incremental margin shifts can literally make or break profitability, it’s important to be price sensitive. But it’s also important to be price-savvy. Extremely low prices should generally serve more as a red flag than as an enticement. Cheap prices are often accompanied by cheap products, unresponsive vendors, or defective or hazardous materials. This is what many jaded entrepreneurs and small business owners have termed as, “The China Cost of Doing Business.”  2) Failing to verify your partner’s experience  When searching out a knowledgeable and reliable sourcing partner,…

  • Elksourcing:Step by Step Starting of Quality Control

    Elksourcing:Step by Step Starting of Quality Control

    Quality control is a necessity for most shipments. The constant search for cheaper suppliers, the bad habit of subcontracting to lower-grade factories, and the high risk of communication mistakes, all make a strong case for systematic inspections. 1) Establish clear expectations Some buyers choose a sample, negotiate a price, and then wait for delivery. This might work for off-the-shelf items with basic requirements, but not for most made-to-order products.  You should try to get golden samples (i.e. representative of what you expect to get out of bulk production), but this is usually not enough. You also have to confirm if your supplier accepts written specifications, which will become the checkpoints for the QC inspector.  2) Don’t only rely on final inspections Final random inspections are good for approving major aspects of production, but they tend to put a lot of pressure onto the supplier: what happens if serious non-conformities are found…

  • Elksourcing:Four Quality Checks You Should Know

    Elksourcing:Four Quality Checks You Should Know

    In China sourcing practices, there are four key quality checks, each corresponds to a particular step in the production process. I recommend you keeping them in mind, when it comes to doing business with Chinese suppliers. 1. Initial Production Check An Initial Production Check is the inspector’s visiting when all materials and components come in the factory. Factories are often suspected of lowering their costs by purchasing substandard materials, and this can be disastrous for the buyer. The Initial production check can also focus on the processes followed as production starts. Sometimes this can also be critical, as Chinese factories very often cut corners and do not respect the buyer’s blueprints.  2. During Production Check A During Production Check allows the buyer to have an idea of average product quality, early in the production cycle. It is a useful and under-rated tool at the disposal of importers, who often only rely…

  • Elksourcing:Tips about Sourcing from China

    Elksourcing:Tips about Sourcing from China

    For many businessmen, especially for small businesses and first-timers, sourcing from China can be a daunting task, as they might not have the resources to establish full-scale overseas operations as the way big businesses do.  Here are some tips that can help businesses like yours get an idea about the various options available out there in the market, and zero-in on the right supplier to meet your sourcing needs. 1). Check out various product manufacturers   Use various sourcing tools to get an overview of the options available in the market. An internet search on sites like Global Sources, Alibaba, etc. can generate great sourcing leads on reliable suppliers. Sourcing magazines & trade shows are also vast sources of information on wholesale distributors, manufacturers and suppliers of products. While social media cannot be used in isolation to identify suppliers or for product sourcing, it can be very useful to get feedback on particular suppliers. 2). Short-list suppliers Visiting…

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