• Elksourcing:How to Find a Good China Buying Office, Sourcing Agent or Purchasing Agent

    Elksourcing:How to Find a Good China Buying Office, Sourcing Agent or Purchasing Agent

    A good Buying Office, Sourcing Agent or Purchasing Agent plays a very important role in doing safe and smooth business in China, especially when you’re placing a large order: Sourcing and Verifying qualified suppliers, Quality Control, Loading Process Supervision, Warehousing, Shipping Support, Business Risk Control, Legal Contract Support and After-sale service etc. However, It is NOT easy to find a right one. If you don’t make an informed decision when selecting a buying office or purchasing agent you might end up losing a lot more than the commission or service fee. What is a purchasing agent and why do I need one? A purchasing agent could be an individual, a group of team or a company, helping companies overseas to import from China. So sometimes buying office service can also refer to ‘purchasing agent’, Buying Office service will be supported by a team of experts in each field: sourcing, verification, procurement, quality control, business risk control etc. A good…

  • Elksourcing:Why Look for Product Sourcing Agent China?

    Elksourcing:Why Look for Product Sourcing Agent China?

    Sourcing is the art of locating and choosing certain businesses or individuals or in accordance with set criteria. Companies routinely hunt for sourcing requirements to complete the Supply Chain Management cycle. Identification of potential manufacturers is the first step in this process, followed by subsequent assessment of goods. Finally, the product sourcing agent China must engage with the manufacturer for the best price.  At present, China is regarded as the world’s premier manufacturing hub, with all types of parts being made here, thereby ensuring low prices. Therefore, any business that requires different parts can get them from hire. However, direct engagement with the suppliers is very difficult, owing to language barriers, cultural differences, legal issues, and business risks. All these challenges can be effectively mitigated by a reputed product sourcing agent China.    Every business wants to ensure that it is able to get manufacturers who give high preference to quality. For this reason, the top…

  • Elksourcing:Nine Things to Consider When Choosing A Sourcing Agent

    Elksourcing:Nine Things to Consider When Choosing A Sourcing Agent

    China is undoubtedly the largest manufacturing economy in the world. It is one of the largest exporters of products. The markets of China are known for their cost-effective, high-quality products. Hence the manufacturing sector of China has significantly boosted its economy. The industrial markets of China are on par with the best ones across the globe. If you wish to source your business from China, this could prove to be your best decision. The difference in language and culture and the heterogeneity of the business practices that might starkly differ from your native place can prove to be a barrier.  Selecting from the pool of products for investment, and to stand out amongst the foreign buyers, might seem difficult. This is where the Chinese sourcing agents step in. If you are not aware of the process of choosing one, don’t worry. Sourcing agents are the third party who will thoroughly help you to find the right supplier for…

  • Elksourcing:Areas to Consider When Looking for a Sourcing Agent

    Elksourcing:Areas to Consider When Looking for a Sourcing Agent

    China is becoming the major manufacturer of industrial products due to its low price and improved quality. But the diversity of products, language, culture and business practice differences pose problems for most foreign buyers and thus, having a good rapport with the suppliers is very important. This is where a China sourcing agent comes in. Finding the right China sourcing agent is an important step to successfully sourcing products in China. Your relationship with them and their ability to deliver quality products in timely manner and at the right price will be major factors in the success of your business.  It’s important to take your time and ask the right questions. Only proceed when you’re confident that the agent can do what they say can, and that they’re a good fit for your business. Here a few areas to consider when looking for a China sourcing agent. 1. Office in China Do they have…

  • Elksourcing:What Makes a Right Sourcing Agent?

    Elksourcing:What Makes a Right Sourcing Agent?

    A lot of businesses reply more and more on importing from China, as China is becoming the major manufacturer for most of consumer products, because of low price and improved quality.  However, the geographical distance, vast categories of products, language barrier, and cultural differences pose a problem for most foreign buyers. Thus, having a good China souring agent is important. The following aspects are important for you to choose a right sourcing agent. A. Trustworthiness A buyer should note trustworthiness is the primary factor when it comes to the selection of a sourcing agent. If you work with a dishonest sourcing agent, you will never be aware that, your sourcing agent is actually ripping you off by secretly ask the supplier for hidden commission. A professional sourcing agent will make their golden rule that no information about the supplier should be hidden or faked to the buyer, including number of employees, market performance, reputation,…

  • Elksourcing:Quality of a Good China Buying Agent

    Elksourcing:Quality of a Good China Buying Agent

    A good buying agent would be a great contributor to your business success in China. To safeguard the whole process of buying goods from China, the character of the buying agent matters. A good agent should have outstanding qualities. Some of a good buying agent’s quality include: 1. Trustworthy The buying agent should be a trusted person or company. You may carry out your research to know if the party can be trusted. You can pull off from the deal if there are red flags. 2. Excellent Communication Skills The whole process is guided by communication. If the buying agent has poor communication capabilities, it would be hard for you to get the goods on time. If they are poor listeners, they may compromise the whole process. 3. Market Knowledge A good buying agent should have sufficient knowledge of Chinese market. This shows you that they can deliver quality services at reasonable prices.  4. Resources You…

  • Elksourcing:What Can a China Sourcing Agent Do for You?

    Elksourcing:What Can a China Sourcing Agent Do for You?

    Sourcing from China is a lucrative business, but it can be risky and complex. Finding a reliable China supplier is difficult, the whole sourcing process seems daunting to new importers. You can’t fully trust the information shown online, and it is important to know the reality of the suppliers in China. If you’re buying from China, you need trustworthy people on the ground in China. A good sourcing agent can help streamlining manufacturing processes. The followings are what a China sourcing agent can do for you. 1. Handle communication Usually, if you are looking for a list of products you think promising, you may need to find 5 suppliers, also, you need to calculate unit cost and shipping cost. That means, you will have to spend lots of time at Alibaba or other sourcing websites and deal with endless emails with various suppliers. Every time you want to get price and…

  • Elksourcing:Qualifications Owned by Good Sourcing Agents in China

    Elksourcing:Qualifications Owned by Good Sourcing Agents in China

    A product sourcing agent is the one who is responsible with the entire process of product importations from China to your country. Hiring a reliable product sourcing agent can help you with your overall business. Whether you are a first-timer or a frequent importer, hiring a product sourcing agent can be a good investment for your business.  However, how to judge a good sourcing agent? Here are some qualifications commonly owned by good sourcing agents in China: 1. Excellent communication skills Efficient and effective communication is crucial for any business. It is important to hire one you can rely on for his communication skills (both oral and written). The person must be able to properly communicate well with you in English and speak freely with your suppliers in Chinese. Hiring someone who clearly understands you and communicates with relative parties on behalf of can create your peace of mind. While you…

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