How to import products from China?

√ Elksourcing can provide you with 1688 Taobao's own brand Dropshipping business services.
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If you sourcing products from 1688 or Taobao, Elksourcing will be your best sourcing agent.

If you sourcing products from 1688 or Taobao, Elksourcing will be your best sourcing agent.

As the best China sourcing company, we can help you find a factory, obtain competitive prices, follow up production, ensure product manufacturing quality, provide you with free storage in China, combine or separate packages for you, and finally provide you with DHL, International express companies such as FedEX, UPS, EMS, TNT, etc. choose the lowest-priced express delivery channels to smoothly deliver the products to your hands.

Elk 3 core services, Can help you easily start your business


Let Elk help you handle your shopify Dropshipping business.Free warehousing service,24-hour processing,3-15 days delivery service.

Sourcing Agent

We can get the best prices from 1688 sellers.Conduct factory audits on you before leaving the factory and inspect the products one by one.Track production to ensure product quality.


With ePacket, direct lines, DHL and other ways Elksourcing could help you optimize delivery time and cost for packages ship from China to USA and EU countries.

Sourcing Agent

Shipant Dropshipping Service

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How to import goods from China solutions

Provide customers with China’s competitive price and product suppliers, provide order branding services, provide multiple logistics and express transportation channels by sea, land and air, and help small and medium-sized sellers to easily carry out sales business

Advantages of suppliers in various regions of China

Advantages of suppliers in various regions of China

Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Hangzhou Yiwu, Suzhou, Jiangsu Nantong, Zhejiang Taizhou, Fujian Quanzhou, Hangzhou Ningbo

Possess all product purchase experience

Possess all product purchase experience

Shoes, clothing, luggage, jewelry, 3C electronics, pet supplies, skin care and beauty, home gardening, outdoor sports, maternal and child toys, auto parts, motorcycle parts, industrial equipment, furniture and home furnishing, health care, bedding, daily Supplies


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Customer Reviews

  • I genuinely like working together with Cherie. She is very organized and working at a fast pace. Communication has been outstandingly clear and easy compared to many other agents. Keep up the good work!

    From Germany

  • Great communication. Fast turnaround and active support. Goods haven’t areived yet as it takes a bit but sourcing with help of Cherie is definatelly easier! Recommend!!

    From Slovenia

    From Slovenia

  • It was a pleasure working with Ac_Cherie. Instant responses to questions and posts. Very fast order execution. A nice result of the work. Thank you very much for your cooperation and I recommend it for future projects

    From Poland

    From Poland

  • Cherie has done an excellent job. Quickly and reliably she helped me to find the right partners in China that I definitely would not have found without her help. Absolutely recommendable.

    From Germany

    From Germany

  • Very efficient service, quick and easy communication. She went above and beyond to help and expedite the process. Very happy with the service.

    From United States

  • After trying a number of Sellers for sourcing and negotiation, the search is over. I hugely appreciate, am so impressed with the value, the clear/detailed communication, and the organized presentation. This is precisely what I was looking for and I look forward to working with Cherie in the future.

    From Canada

    From Canada

  • Outstanding, great seller, very responsive and will do everything to help you. Highly recommend.

    From Brazil

    From Brazil

  • Excellent service and reasonable price, will look for him again, great seller

    From Japan

  • She is very trustworthy and professional! I love her!

    From United States

    From United States


We will be your China procurement consultant in import transportation, customs processing, compliance, purchase order management, quality assurance and custom manufacturing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

√ We provide one-stop procurement services from China

√ Purchase the products you need and send a quotation

√ Place orders and track production progress

√ Quality of finished product inspection

√ Send inspection report to you for confirmation

√ Handle export procedures

√ Provide import consultation

√ Management assistant while in China

√ Other export business cooperation

1. Work experience:
All our service members have more than 8-10 years of work experience in the field of sourcing products. They understand the market well and can always find the right supplier efficiently. Since the last few years, we have provided services to customers from all over the world. For example, as the United States, Britain, Singapore, Brazil, Venezuela, Dubai, Russia, Sudan, South Africa, Albania and other European, American, African, and Southeast Asian countries, we have won widespread praise , And use this as a motivation to keep progress. If you want to learn more about our services, please click here.

2. Location:
Our company is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong. There are a large number of products you need. We cooperate with most factories. We can find suppliers of your products more easily and get competitive prices. It is also easy to find our excellent suppliers. Quotient. It takes about 30 minutes for our company to get to Baiyun International Airport. Of course, when you come to Guangzhou, it is also convenient for you to travel to different cities.

3. Low service fee:
We look forward to long-term cooperation. Our original intention was to help SMEs develop, therefore, to maintain high-quality services, we provide a reasonable service fee as low as 3%.

4. Third-party cooperation:
Since we have been exporting for many years, we have received support from many third parties, such as shipping companies (PIL MSC APL OOCL CMA, etc.), trailer companies, express companies (DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT, FedEx), etc. These long-term partners can provide us with better prices and considerate services. Therefore, we can provide you with lower delivery costs.

It depends on the product you need.

If your quantity can reach the factory’s MOQ, we will definitely choose the factory as the priority.

If your quantity is less than the factory’s MOQ, we will negotiate with the factory to accept your quantity.

If the factory cannot reduce the quantity, we will contact some large wholesalers with good prices and quantities.

This depends on.

If the factory has enough stock, we can accept your quantity;

If there is not enough inventory, the factory will request new production from MOQ.

Sometimes we can also add orders to major customers of the factory, and they can arrange production together. In this case, small batches are acceptable.

Whether it is for sale or home use, we care about your requirements.

Just move your fingers to send us an email, and we will ship the goods to your country.

Usually, we will give priority to those suppliers who cooperate well before being tested to provide good quality and price.

For those products that we have not purchased before, please do the following.

First, we find the industrial clusters of your products, such as toys in Shantou, electronic products in Shenzhen, and Christmas products in Yiwu.

Secondly, we search for suitable factories or large wholesalers based on your needs and quantity.

Third, we request quotations and samples for inspection. Samples can be delivered to you (sample fees and courier fees are paid by you)

It depends on your requirements.

The suppliers in the B2B platform may be factories, trading companies, second or even third-party middlemen. The price of the same product is hundreds of dollars, and it is difficult to determine who they are by checking their website.

In fact, those customers who have previously purchased from China may know that China does not have the lowest price, and the price is lower. If quality and service are not considered, we can always find lower prices when searching. However, because of our past experience, we are looking for customers with a good price-performance ratio instead of the lowest price.

We guarantee that the quotation is the same as the supplier’s price without any other hidden charges. (For details, please check our price page). In fact, our prices are mid-level compared to the prices of B2B platform providers, but we provide you with an easy way to buy goods from different suppliers that may be located in different cities. This is something that B2B platform vendors cannot do because they usually only focus on one field product. For example, the person who sells ceramic tiles may not know that the lighting market is good, or the person who sells sanitary ware may not know where to find a good toy supplier. Even if they can quote for you, they can also be found from Alibaba or Made in China platforms.

We provide shipping services, suitable for cargo with full load or less than one container. Air cargo is also available (ideal for valuable but small batch products).

For shipping, we have the following 3 clauses:

EXW (Ex Works) Your freight forwarder needs to pick up the goods in our warehouse and arrange delivery to your designated location.

FOB (Free on board) You need to pay FOB freight, which includes all costs of transporting and loading goods on board.

CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight) You need to pay CIF freight, which includes all costs for forwarding to the destination port.


After you purchase by yourself, if you are worried that the supplier will not be able to complete it as required, we can assist you in production, check quality, arrange loading, export, customs declaration and after-sales service.

The service fee is discussed separately.

Some customers may face an embarrassing problem, that is, delivery costs are higher than the value of the goods. What should you do? Here we offer two suggestions.

First, buy more items instead of fewer items. Since our company helps to purchase many kinds of goods, if there are plans to buy goods from China, you can ask your friends or others to share the freight.

Secondly, if the quantity is small and you really cannot find someone to share the cost with you, we suggest you buy it in the domestic market. After all, the domestic price may be lower than the price you bought from China, causing retailers to import large quantities at once.

There are two different situations of service charge:

1. If a customer buys a product from his own supplier, and he communicates with the supplier throughout the production process, we will only help check the quality and arrange transportation. If there are quality problems, we will help customers negotiate with suppliers. In this case, we will charge a 5% fee.

2. We help customers communicate with suppliers throughout the process, such as making samples or production. In this way, whether the customer himself or we find a supplier, we will charge a 5%-10% service fee based on the product value. We also help check the quality and arrange transportation.

Although the customer paid more service fees for the second service, we can help customers save a lot of time in communicating with suppliers. If a quality problem occurs, we will help you negotiate with the supplier on your behalf until the problem is resolved.

Our services include: finding suppliers and purchasing products from China, and quoting customers the most favorable price; negotiating samples, production and packaging with suppliers; customizing logos and packaging; quality control; arranging delivery to Amazon logistics. (Maybe the goods are merged with other customers to the same destination, which can save shipping costs).

Sample inspection is free. After the customer is satisfied with the quotation, we will ask the supplier to provide samples. Then, we send it to the customer for quality inspection, and then the customer decides whether to buy in bulk.

We will try our best to purchase several different suppliers for one project, and then select 1-2 of the best suppliers, and then send the quotation to the customer.

Usually, we do not provide customers with supplier information, because our working model is that customers cooperate with us and we cooperate with suppliers.

But the main reason is that most of our suppliers do not directly cooperate with foreign customers because they do not have English-speaking staff. Our 5%-10% service fee is not only charged to the source supplier, but the most important part is efficient negotiation with the supplier to save customers time and money.

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