• Elksourcing:Tips for Your First Sourcing Trip to China

    The best way to reduce the likelihood of having problems with overseas suppliers is to visit them, especially before you place your first big order. As China is so far away and so different from western world, many new businessmen feel daunting for the first sourcing trip to China. Here are some tips. 1). Locate where your product is supplied China is massive and you are sure to lose track unless you have all your products listed and suppliers located in advance. Coming prepared will save a lot of your sourcing time and keep you from getting distracted.  2). Use a sourcing agent  You are sure to find multiple suppliers in China selling the same product at different prices. This makes it necessary to use sourcing agents who can best accommodate your needs to make sure that you crack the best deals at rock bottom rates. 3). Don’t fall for counterfeit products In…

  • Elksourcing:3 Things a Sourcing Agent Can Help for Your Importing

    It’s easy to find a factory online. So, if going factory direct is the best option, why are there still so many sourcing agents out there? Most people seem to hold onto the common misconception that it’s always better to go factory direct. And sure, it’s great if you can find that perfect factory and you don’t need the benefits that a sourcing agent can offer. But in reality, you’ll find that most factories will have quality or communication issues, and the prices you can get if you buy through a sourcing agent are often lower. So, you may want to think about if you and the factory actually have the resources to work together. Here are three reasons why many importers continue to buy through a sourcing agent: 1. Supplier Verification and QC Sourcing agents operate as the go-between for you and a factory. They work with a factory to manufacture…

  • Elksourcing:Most Commonly Found Fake Products in China

    It’s no secret that China has become the world’s workshop. An article in The Economist reported that as of early 2015, China was producing about 80 percent of the world’s air-conditioners, 70 percent of its mobile phones and 60 percent of its shoes. At the same time, China also produces a massive amount of fake products. Here are some the most commonly found fake products in China: 1. Fake consumer electronics Consumer electronics are one of the most popular fake products you’ll find in China. One example of a counterfeit name brand product here is the iPhone. New iPhones often cost much more than what you might pay in the United States, due to import tariffs and VAT. It should come as no surprise, given the high margins on fake iPhones, why counterfeiting is so rampant. This past summer, police in Beijing shut down a counterfeit manufacturing operation and seized more…

  • Elksourcing:Practical Guide for Choosing China OEM Manufacturer

    The major and initial issue in choosing a Chinese manufacturer is determining whether the manufacturer is “real” or not. Chinese companies are masters of disguise. They use the Internet and sourcing websites to make themselves look much better than they are. But they can also hide the reality even on site. So you have to develop an efficient system for breaking through the façade to get to reality as quickly as possible. The general procedure I follow and the one you should follow as well is as follows. First, you or your representatives have to visit the factory personally. It is shocking how much variation there is in manufacturing systems even within developed areas such as Dongguan, Guangzhou and Zhuhai. Factories making a virtually identical product can range from those using primitive hand techniques from the 1930s all the way to those that use state of the art German or Japanese automated equipment….

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