• Elksourcing:Top 3 Ways to Find Chinese Suppliers

    The rewards from doing business can be great but if things go wrong you end up at the opposite end of that great scale. This is why I always promote that buyers, especially those new to sourcing from China take time to make an informed decision before making a financial commitment. What sources can I use to find reliable Chinese suppliers? 1. B2B Websites such as the Alibaba, Global Sources & Made in China tend to dominate this side of things and the accessibility for the services here make it really appealing. Sitting anywhere in the world communicating in real time with someone at a factory in China is pretty cool. So that bit is relatively easy BUT It’s not a sure-fire way to reliability as there are lots of con artists on there too. Don’t follow generic information, only follow real information even if it’s a bit rough around the edges….

  • Elksourcing:How to Contact with Chinese Suppliers Properly?

    Due to the language barrier, cultural different, time zone difference, unfamiliarity with Chinese business manner, many buyers find it very difficult to get a reply to your inquiry. In many cases, you find a supplier online, you send an email or submit an inquiry form online, you wait for weeks but get no reply, then you call them, surprisingly, you found it is difficult to understand their English, or they don’t speak English at all. So how should we do to get prompt answer from the supplier when you contact them and how to communicate with them smoothly? Here are a few tips we want to share. How to write a good email that makes sure the Chinese suppliers give you a proper answer? – Use company email account. Don’t use email account from free email provider like yahoo mail, hotmail, aol mail. Using free email account will harm your company image and is considered…

  • Elksourcing:How to define relationship with Chinese suppliers?

    Managing the relationship with Chinese suppliers is not easy, the cultural difference, the language issue, the communication problem, China has another social system, different business culture and practice. Managing the relationship with Chinese suppliers is not that difficult at all, if you can answer one question: How do you define the relationship with Chinese supplier? Do you think your relationship with the supplier is equal? Do you think your order is a blessing or giving to the supplier? Do you often threat the supplier that if they don’t do this or don’t do that, you will change the supplier, as you said there were handful of qualified suppliers lining up for your order? The relationship should be equal We recently read a story on the leading international trade forum fobshanghai.com, a Chinese supplier complained how their big buyer (Target) behave arrogantly and how Target was indifferent to the benefit of their suppliers, Target…

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