• Elksourcing:Better to Choose FOB Than CIF When Importing from China

    Elksourcing:Better to Choose FOB Than CIF When Importing from China

    FOB and CIF are two most popular Incoterms in international trade industry. However, many new importers do not know which Incoterms to choose when importing goods from China, FOB, or CIF? It is important to know the difference between FOB and CIF. FOB – Free On Board FOB ensure that all obligations relating to costs, risk and insurance of the goods are split between the buyer and the seller in a fair way. The entire process of importing from China is divided into the most important stages. 1.    Manufacturing and preparing goods for shipping. 2.    Transportation from the factory to the port. 3.    Loading the goods onto the vessel. All the above obligations are the seller’s responsibility: by agreeing to sell goods on FOB terms, the Chinese company is obligated to carry out and pay for all these actions as well as bear the associated risks.  These stages of importing from China are the responsibility…

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  • Elksourcing:Tips to Reduce Shipping Cost When Importing from China

    Elksourcing:Tips to Reduce Shipping Cost When Importing from China

    Known as the “world factory”, China has become one the most popular sourcing destinations for millions of business startups, shipping cost is important for the success of your business. If you are running the logistics independently, shipping cost should be one of the key factors for you to consider. The more your business relies on the movement of goods, the more your business will benefit from cutting down your shipping cost. As such, it’s very imperative for you to analyze all the possible shipping costs and get the best shipping options for your business. 1). Plan for Product Shipping Everything should be started with a plan. It goes the same with your shipping business when you import from China. An effective shipping plan should embody a clear understanding of the scope of business, quantities involved and the frequency of the shipments. This plan will help you negotiate with the freight forwarders. Route…

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  • Elksourcing:Reasons Products Not Reach Customers in Right Condition

    Elksourcing:Reasons Products Not Reach Customers in Right Condition

    In this article, let’s explore the potential reasons why your product might not reach your customers in the right condition and how packaging inspection can help you avoid them. 1. Packaging materials are crushed during shipping and handling Like most importers of consumer products, you may choose to pack your products in cardboard shipping cartons before they leave the factory. Cardboard shipping cartons are light, inexpensive and can provide great protection from a number of outside elements. They’re also highly stackable for transport. But they’re not invincible. If your customers report that your inventory arrived in crushed shipping cartons, you might want to look into the following causes. 1). Stacking too many heavy cartons leads to crushing. 2). Improper packing assortment leaves your products vulnerable. 3). Inadequate packaging materials don’t protect your product. What packaging quality control measures help prevent crushing during shipping and handling? 1). Clarify packaging materials and assortment in…

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  • Elksourcing:Why Packaging Integrity is Important?

    Elksourcing:Why Packaging Integrity is Important?

    Packaging is considered to be both the presentation of products to consumers, and the configuration in which products will be expedited through various channels. The master carton design includes the configuration in which product will be shipped through channels for end-user consumption, making it especially important where packaging integrity is concerned. Why Packaging Integrity is Important? 1) Carefully planned packaging includes both cost savings obtained through the minimal use of materials, weight and labor, as well as reductions in potential rework costs. 2) Packaging has a direct impact on the perception of quality by the consumer.  3) Orientation is an important consideration because the carton itself only has stacking strength in one direction, which is why it is imperative that the pack be designed the way it will be stacked in transit. Labeling is important in communicating packaging requirements. 4) Packaging experiences a number of potentially damaging forces, which might include shock…

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  • Elksourcing:Terms About AQL Inspection Standard

    Elksourcing:Terms About AQL Inspection Standard

    Using AQL, you can check whether an order meets your quality requirements without having to inspect every unit of the entire shipment, saving you time and money on inspection. But one look at the AQL table could leave you feeling lost among the mass of numbers, letters, labels and even colors. Is this a quality control tool or a brain teaser? Many explanations of AQL use advanced math models and equations to show how to choose a statistically significant sample for inspection. And these explanations can be hard to follow and overly complex if you’re just looking for a practical introduction on how to use AQL. 1. Acceptance sampling Acceptance sampling is a way to pull and check a random sample of goods or material and accept or reject the total lot based on a statistical result. This lets you apply the results of inspecting this representative sample to making a decision…

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