• Elksourcing:How to Evaluate a China Sourcing Company?

    Imagine your shipment is delayed from China, your product has defects which reduce customer satisfaction or in the worst case require product recall. In order to avoid such risks, more and more importers realize the importance of partnering with a reliable sourcing company. This will ensure that you are able to well control production lead time, enhance your quality standards, reduce manufacturing cost, and improve your profit margin. Finding the China sourcing company that you partner with in long term is one of the most important decisions for an importer, but it is an uneasy task. You may evaluate a sourcing company based on below factors: 1) Referrals The best way to tell how a sourcing company will treat you is to determine how they have treated other companies. If others have had a good experience with them, you likely will as well. You depend greatly on your sourcing partner to supply quality…

  • Elksourcing:What to Consider Before Choosing a Sourcing Company?

    Business firms can be hugely benefited if they opt for China procurement activities. They can take help from sourcing companies to channelize their procurement operations. Go with procurement operations in China if you want to minimize the production costs of your company’s products and services. Choosing a good sourcing company is vital when you are looking for success. Here are some tips you must consider before choosing your sourcing agent for a business.  1.    Knowledge Every China sourcing company must possess intricate knowledge not only about sourcing the raw materials for the product but also about the specifications for the products in question. For instance, if your company produces laptops, the sourcing agent should understand the exact dimensions of the screen, along with the model of the processor and all other aspects of the device. Without said knowledge, sourced products may not be suitable for your company’s products. Apart from the materials necessary, the…

  • Elksourcing:How to Select a Sourcing Company?

    You will get end-to-end services from a good sourcing agency which addresses to any type of service. Get perfect strategical help from procurement companies that gives you a firm stand in competitive advantages.  The basic goal is to reach faster savings while taking care of the qualitative side of your relationship with the suppliers. Finding a credible one does not require that much of herculean effort from your end. 1. Going by the reputation While browsing online for reviews, look for promising client feedbacks. Do not fall in trap of vague responses and always go for glowing customer reviews. If the company does not have any track record to show, understand that your deal will not be feasible. It might just gulp down your money and fail to deliver as promised. So, go for a safe and reliable option. 2. Considering the investment Initial investment marks an important start if you…

  • Elksourcing:How to Choose Product Sourcing Companies?

    Product sourcing companies are agents who facilitate relationships with suppliers. They specialize in importing goods from various regions of the world on your behalf. They locate the best sources at the most competitive prices to save your cost, at meantime, they contribute in quality control and communications. 1. How do product sourcing companies actually work? Product sourcing companies source goods and, usually, store them in their warehouses to provide you with a responsive, reliable and a readily available service. They work with multiple wholesale suppliers and manufacturers aggregating purchasers’ needs into one service. Many products are sourced from low-cost countries in Asia, mostly China. 2. Who are the product sourcing companies? They may be called trading companies, third party sourcing, importers, brokers or drop shippers and they only represent the purchaser, not the supplier. Services may include sourcing specified products at the best price to managing the whole import process and all…

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