• Elksourcing:Procedure of Selling Chinese Products on Amazon

    There are hundreds of product categories, what would you choose for your business of selling on Amazon? You have to identify them through market research and surveys. Subsequently, when you identify those categories, it becomes easier for importing the products and sell on Amazon, if you follow bellow procedures. 1. Design Your Own Products It’s time you turn the products unique with a logo – a unique one, necessarily. This way, you would avoid chances of getting mixed up with others. The suppliers on the other side will help you in achieving that. First of all, design a logo for the private label products. It wouldn’t cost too much and you can have what you want. If a supplier offers some incredible choices, you should consider and examine if it goes well for you. After selecting the logo, you have it printed on the cartons and packages of the products….

  • Elksourcing:3 Common Risks of Sourcing from China

    Sourcing From China can be a great way for you to make money, as long as you know how to play it safe and avoid the common risks associated with this practice. Before you dive right into looking for suppliers from China, you have to fully understand the process of product sourcing and why sourcing from China can be more lucrative than sourcing locally. By partnering with one of these Chinese suppliers, you can significantly increase your bottom line by paying less for product sourcing. It may sound like an obvious decision to make to benefit your business, but there is a lot of planning and work that must be done before you can start enjoying a beneficial business relationship with a Chinese supplier. This article will take a look at some of the most common risks related to the business of sourcing from China and how you can be proactive about avoiding…

  • Elksourcing:Why You Cannot Find a Factory to Manufacture Your Products?

    We hear it all the time from importers sourcing from China, “I can’t find a factory to manufacture my products!”  This is especially so when the product you are seeking to source is unusual: you will not have any difficulty finding factories for white T-shirts or running shoes, this only is a challenge if you are trying to source from China a rare or unique product, something your competitors don’t know about or don’t have yet.  Which, of course, is what gives importers a lead in the market place. This happens to both large importers who want to stay ahead of the pack and to small importers who are looking to branch out and find uncommon products.  It seems strange that in the “World’s Factory”, as China is often referred to, it is difficult to find factories to source your product.  I mean, in this day in age, you expect…

  • Elksourcing:How to Build Stronger Relationships with Suppliers?

    During my work as a sourcing agent, I’ve heard of so many importers find it difficult to work with their China suppliers. Actually, cultivating a stronger relationship with a China supplier isn’t as hard as it seems. Here are three tips for stronger supplier relationships: 1. Pay on time This first tip for stronger supplier relationships should go without saying. Still, there are importers from all different backgrounds and industries that fail to pay their China suppliers by the agreed time. Factories run a for-profit business. Like importers, they have concerns about if and when they’re going to be paid. They prefer to maintain positive cash flows. And, perhaps most importantly, they rely on steady, dependable payments from customers in order to pay for their own suppliers for components/parts needed for production. Defaulting on payment to their suppliers could lead to a full stop in their operations. Setting clear and reachable payment…

  • Elksourcing:Planning Your Business Trip to China

    If you have been considering purchasing your products from China, you may also be thinking about whether or not it makes sense to travel to China to visit suppliers, attend a trade show or discover new products. For most traders, it’s a big decision. Travel is costly, the country is huge and maybe a bit intimidating, the language and habits of the Chinese people are sometimes different to those of most US and European buyers. Is it worth it?  1. To Go or Not to Go, That’s The QuestionOpinions are all over the board about whether or not it’s necessary or prudent to go to China. In general, unless you are intending to invest in large purchases, it’s simply not worth the money. You should not spend money going to China just to “kick the tires.” Good advice: Before you decide that you will buy from China, take a good look at the…

  • Elksourcing:Why You Should Not Buy Branded Products from China?

    I have recently read an post on a forum, a guy complained that he thought he could buy cheap electronics in China before he come to china as EVERYTHING IS MADE IN CHINA, but after he comes, he found electronics here are more expensive than in Europe, he is quite puzzled about that. I bet what he is looking at must be branded electronics which is not originated from China, like iPhone, Samsung tablet, Sony Play Station, etc, it is a common sense that Foreign Brand products (including electronics) are sold in China no cheaper than in western country, if not more expensive. As the dealers/importers have to add tariff and shipping expense onto the cost of products, so in most case, the foreign brand products in china are more expensive. Someone will argue that most brand maker have set up a manufacturing base in China or have a manufacturer partner…

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