• Elksourcing:7-step Approach to Make Successful Sourcing

    Elksourcing:7-step Approach to Make Successful Sourcing

    Successful sourcing from China is the result of a systematic approach and hard work. Shortcuts may seem smart, but most often, they result in delays or failure. I am always surprised by how often, even large organization, will be tempted by these shortcuts. Per our experience, below 7-step approach is required to succeed in sourcing products from China.  1. Initial preparation Many China sourcing initiatives run into trouble because of decisions made or not made at the outset. Unclear targets, unrealistic expectations, lack of resources and many similar aspects, if overlook, will cause project delays and waste of energy. Successful companies have thoroughly prepared their project. For example, they dedicate initial time in order to: Define specific ranges of products for sourcing, based on an analysis of volume, labor content, technical complexity and other technical, logistics and commercial aspects. Spell out clear objectives in terms of cost target, volume ramp-up, sourcing project budget and supplier…

  • Elksourcing:5 Main Reasons for Quality Issues

    Elksourcing:5 Main Reasons for Quality Issues

    For e-commerce sellers, it makes great sense to source directly from China. However, the whole process is complicated, there are many possibilities to cause quality issues. Following are the 5 main reasons I learned from my 20-year experience in sourcing business. 1. Miscommunication Miscommunication is the most important reason for most quality issues. Do not believe that your supplier understands your specifications and your expectations clearly after they’ve been told once. Usually, you are most likely communicating with someone who doesn’t speak English as their first language. Also, you’re most likely talking to the salesperson, who in turn has to communicate requirements to engineers and production staff. And it’s not uncommon for things to get lost in translation or for requirements to not be clearly communicated to the assembly line. 2. Unclear instructions from the buyer Many e-commerce sellers assume suppliers will know their requirements. They are not particular about their specifications….

  • Elksourcing:How to Import Goods from China for Selling on Amazon?

    Elksourcing:How to Import Goods from China for Selling on Amazon?

    Now Amazon is one of the world’s largest shopping online platform, so there will be more and more sellers join to Amazon. With the development of science and technology, people like to shop online. Sometimes it is difficult to understand how to import goods from China and sell on Amazon. Here is a step by step guide to help you: Step 1 – Find the best seller for the product It is very important to verify that you’re sourcing products from a known and reputed manufacturer, and a good way to find this out is by evaluating online supplier reviews. It is also important for you to find out before making any investment that the product you are importing from China is allowed into the country you are trying to import. Before initiating any step, you should find out if the product you are importing needs any special permit or is banned. Once,…

  • Elksourcing:5 Factors to Determine if a Supplier is Right

    Elksourcing:5 Factors to Determine if a Supplier is Right

    Whether you decide to try a sourcing agent, continue sourcing on your own, or to use an online sourcing platform, you should still understand how to properly determine if a supplier is the right match for your ecommerce store.   Here are 5 factors you should consider when determining if a supplier is right. 1. Margin  It seems obvious that the price per unit needs to be low enough that you have room to take a healthy profit. However, there are many factors beyond price per unit to consider when determining the actual price of your products: Get a shipping quote: Distance, country of origin, and available shipping methods all have a major impact on the overall shipping price. Before committing to production, make sure you get quotes from your own freight forwarding partner or their internal shipping managers. Calculate customs duties: When importing goods, you may be subject to additional fees…

  • Elksourcing:Can Factories Benefit from Improved Quality?

    Elksourcing:Can Factories Benefit from Improved Quality?

    For factories, quality is somewhat double-edged sword. On one hand they would like to provide the best product possible to their customers, however doing so increases their cost. If they try to “cut corners” and deliver product that does not quite stand up to the scrutiny of demanding customers, they can reduce their initial cost, however they stand to lose customers in the long run by doing so.  What are the factories supposed to do? My view is higher cost of improved quality is well worth the benefits you can received in the long-term.  Manufacturers need to look at the tradeoff between cost and benefit of quality from the long-term and comprehensive perspective. Sure, aiming for higher quality will add to the cost in the short-term. You can even lose some money in the beginning. But you need to broaden the horizon and consider all other aspects of the business and…

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