• Elksourcing:Why Quality Inspection is Important?

    Without proper quality control inspection, there would be a drastic increase in product recalls. Safety issues or product defects can endanger the consumer or put the seller at risk. To avoid these problems quality inspection should be done effectively by the professionals.  In order to implement an affective quality inspection, an enterprise must first decide which specific standards the product or service must meet. The inspection process must be ongoing to ensure that remedial efforts, if required, have produced satisfactory results and to immediately detect recurrences or new instances of trouble. 1. Quality Inspection Can Enhance Product Quality Waste is expensive and it is more likely to occur when you don’t take quality control measures. If you don’t pay attention to detail or implement processes to reduce variability, you’ll have to throw away more finished inventory, costing you the price of the labor and materials that went into producing it. Pay attention…

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  • Elksourcing:Quality Inspection for Sourcing Products from China

    When it comes to sourcing products from China, quality inspection is one of the most important factors that should be always considered. Quality has become a critical success factor for many organizations.  When you manufacture products in China, it is essential that you keep quality control factors in mind. Markets simply will not accept defective, unsafe and poor-quality products, regardless as to the price point and discounting. For this reason, it is important to identify the right company in order to manage quality control at the highest possible level. There are a number of key things about quality control, as shown in the following: 1) Quality and Compliance It is important to distinguish between quality and compliance as both are key components of manufacturing processes. Quality is defined as services and products that are intended to deliver specific performance levels whilst compliance is all about meeting regulatory requirements. The organizational goals of…

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  • Elksourcing:How to Ensure Quality of Products Sourced from China?

    China has become the most popular sourcing destination now; many western companies are keen to import Chinese products given its low cost and high quality. However, it is a challenging task for business beginners given the demographic and cultural differences, especially because it is difficult to ensure quality of the imported products. 1. Understand the value of your products When you plan to source products from China, you need to have a full understanding of the products. With the product value in mind, you are allowed to figure out the quotes from suppliers which may help you settle on the market. You have to figure out the raw material, basic process, functions, and even the design. The most important thing you have to understand is about product quality. You have to know the price range of the product at a certain level of quality. Normally, you will find different prices on…

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  • Elksourcing:Procedure of a Quality Inspection

    For the importers who source from China, more and more realize that it is essential to arrange quality inspection for the products before they leave China. In most cases, the importers choose a third-party QC company to do pre-shipment quality inspection. In this article, I’d like to tell you the basic procedure of a quality inspection. 1) Communication of Requirements The purchaser describes his products: specifications, dimensions, function, appearance, labeling, packaging… More precise information is provided, the more you can utilize the inspection. If possible, an approved sample can be sent for the inspector’s reference. 2) An inspector goes to the factory After all products are finished and at least 80% packed, an inspector (or several inspectors if necessary, in most cases, one inspector is enough) goes to the factory. 3) Quantity verification The cartons are counted, to check if the whole quantity is presented. Then the inspector randomly selects a few…

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  • Elksourcing:How to Avoid Quality Fade Issues in Global Sourcing?

    How to catch the subtle quality fading issues when there happens to be distance of some thousands of miles separating the supplier from the buyer? It would simply become impossible (or at least extremely difficult) to figure out the quality of items prior to the supply packaging process. Unless the supplier happens to be extremely honest (which is rare these days), there are minimal chances left to get the best quality product as expected. It is absolutely difficult to undergo scrutiny for the products. At the same time, ignoring quality fade issues over the time would probably through challenges to a business in staying at the top of the seat for a longer time period.   Is it possible to avoid quality fade issues? What are the steps to follow? 1) Selecting a highly reputable supplier Even if it costs a tad higher, still there are great advantages in going with a…

  • Elksourcing:Quality Control When Source Products from China

    China is called “the world factory” for its business ecosystem, huge labor pool and low production costs. As a result of focusing on production-oriented upstream and downstream in production facilities, materials, design, and freight transportation within a specific area, a close economic and technological cooperation circle has been established to reduce production costs and increase production efficiency.  China has a long list of producers, thereby leaving you spoilt for choice. You have the flexibility to choose a producer whom you think is best and as per your preference. However, one of the biggest issues is quality control, considering you stay tens of thousand miles away from the production line. In this article, I’d like to share some of my thoughts per my 20-year experience. 1. Understand the value of your products When you plan to source products from China, you must have a full understanding of the products. With the product value…

  • Elksourcing:How to Get Quality Goods from China?

    For China sourcing, it’s crucial to receive what you order, according to specification and on the time agreed upon. In order to get quality goods from Chinese suppliers, you will need to consider below 3 main areas: 1)   Select the right supplier; 2)   Manage quality control system; 3)   Put in place the right inspection plan. 1. Select the right supplier I like to summarize the importance of supplier selection in three sentences. You will NEVER get quality from a supplier that is not properly equipped to make it. Suppliers need to have the right equipment, skills and experience. You will OCCASIONALLY get quality from a supplier with the right equipment and skills but with poor processes in places. You will get INCREASING quality from a good supplier with equipment, skills and processes and which is also willing to cooperate with you for continuous improvements. 2. Manage quality control system  When an inspector rejects a…

  • Elksourcing:5 Main Reasons for Quality Issues

    For e-commerce sellers, it makes great sense to source directly from China. However, the whole process is complicated, there are many possibilities to cause quality issues. Following are the 5 main reasons I learned from my 20-year experience in sourcing business. 1. Miscommunication Miscommunication is the most important reason for most quality issues. Do not believe that your supplier understands your specifications and your expectations clearly after they’ve been told once. Usually, you are most likely communicating with someone who doesn’t speak English as their first language. Also, you’re most likely talking to the salesperson, who in turn has to communicate requirements to engineers and production staff. And it’s not uncommon for things to get lost in translation or for requirements to not be clearly communicated to the assembly line. 2. Unclear instructions from the buyer Many e-commerce sellers assume suppliers will know their requirements. They are not particular about their specifications….

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