• Elksourcing:The Kind of Quality Control Companies

    Elksourcing:The Kind of Quality Control Companies

    Having strict quality control China is important for sourcing companies because doing so would ensure that quality is never compromised. It’s a good thing though that you can count on certain companies such as Elksourcing if you are doing business with suppliers in China. For Elksourcing, the work does not end in product sourcing, determining product specifications and developing samples, nor does it end in factory sourcing, or auditing a factory for capability and quality. Yes, monitoring and seeing to it that the products are being manufactured on time through order processing is important, but what about the final output? Elksourcing’s quality control services assure the client that the products delivered are always quality products. Quality Control China Products Should Undergo Elksourcing performs quality control checks, as a true quality assurance company should. First, they set standards by establishing inspection guidelines. They conduct initial inspections for materials to be used in the production. They…

  • Elksourcing:The Buying Agent That Helps You Find the Best Supplier

    Elksourcing:The Buying Agent That Helps You Find the Best Supplier

    Why do business with a trading company that buys different products from different companies, stock them, and sell them for a commission, when you can work with a buying agent that will help find a supplier and directly contact them? It is a good thing that Elksourcing is not a trading company but rather, a buying agent that does not charge commission from suppliers and will even help you get the lowest possible price for the product that you are looking for. It offers factory sourcing, a service that will help you choose which factories are best for your needs. Your First Step to Successful Buying Are you looking for the right factory to manufacture your products but you are pressed for time and do not know where to start? There’s no need to panic because Elksourcing will help you find the right factory by sourcing potential factories that manufacture quality products…

  • Elksourcing:Dealing with a Sourcing Agent in China

    Elksourcing:Dealing with a Sourcing Agent in China

    One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a sourcing agent in China is the agent’s influence on different companies and factories in the country. Aside from having strong ties and connections, they should also be able to break the language and cultural barrier as these may also have a great impact during negotiations in a country with a different language and a different culture. Fortunately, as the leading sourcing companies in China, Elksourcing has established itself as one of the most trusted sourcing agents in the country. With its good reputation, Elksourcing now has good relationships with more than a hundred factories in China, ensuring the success of your business and product sourcing needs. Family Relationships in China The Chinese are known for their rich culture and tight family ties. It is important for your sourcing agent to know this because of the following reasons: ·   Business networks in China may…

  • Elksourcing:Things to Consider in Hiring a Sourcing Agent in Guangzhou

    Elksourcing:Things to Consider in Hiring a Sourcing Agent in Guangzhou

    Guangzhou is the largest and oldest foreign trade port in southern China, and the only port in the world that has been thriving for more than 2000 years.Entrepreneurs who want to source products or materials from Guangzhou should keep in mind certain things when finding a sourcing agent Guangzhou. 1. Track record A good sourcing agent in Guangzhou has the track record to impress potential clients. Track record may pertain to the number of customers served by the sourcing agent, as well as the overall performance of the agent in matching businesses with the right suppliers. Organizations that want to make sure about the sourcing representative they hire in Guangzhou start out by ordering a sample product or item. They then judge the sourcing specialist according to the quality of the product delivered as well as the speed by which the delivery was made. 2. Honesty Sometimes, it pays to have an honest sourcing agent than…

  • Elksourcing:What Sourcing Agents Can Do For You?

    Elksourcing:What Sourcing Agents Can Do For You?

    What does a sourcing agent do? For one, the agent will assist a company in finding sources for products and supplies at the lowest cost possible. This will help the company save time and money in production. Local companies can take advantage of sourcing agents to find the best prices. They have connections to domestic companies so they know where to find the best supplies. Overseas companies will find sourcing agents very useful as well. For instance, an overseas company who wants to buy supplies from China can use sourcing China to locate companies they can work with. The agent will first assess the company’s needs and meet with suppliers to check if they are able to meet the requirements of the company before ordering supplies from them. Sourcing agents will do all the work for you, including doing inspections and making evaluations to address concerns that might affect the quality of the products…

  • Elksourcing:Do’s and Don’ts in Evaluating China Sourcing Agent

    Elksourcing:Do’s and Don’ts in Evaluating China Sourcing Agent

    Importers who do not have the expertise, manpower or the time to procure and manage supplies from China will often turn to the services of a China sourcing agent. However, it is not that easy to find a sourcing agent you can trust, and trust is very important in this kind of requirement. You need someone who is trustworthy and not someone who works for hidden commissions. Below are some do’s and don’ts to help you in evaluating sourcing agents in China: Do clarify the sourcing agent’s tasks and responsibilities. This is very important when using third-party service providers. Do you want them to handle everything from procurement to quality control? Or do you only require them to perform tasks that you cannot handle? You have to be clear with their responsibilities so you will know who should be accountable in case of problems. Don’t forget to consider the sourcing agent’s…

  • Elksourcing:Considerations When Using Global Sourcing Services

    Elksourcing:Considerations When Using Global Sourcing Services

    The primary goal of companies when employing global sourcing strategies is to reduce cost. Sourcing companies will take charge of identifying and screening of suppliers, management of supplier relationships and other important tasks. But before you make use of global sourcing companies or services, there are some important factors to consider. Lead Time While importing products from other countries may help cut costs, you also have to consider the lead time for global purchases. Global purchases generally have longer lead time compared to domestic purchases. You have to consider sea freight, air freight, and not to mention the time it takes to get clearance from customs. This is why using local sourcing services familiar with the nation’s customs and regulations will be essential to reduce the risk of unnecessary delays. Transportation Related to lead time is transportation. Global sourcing will most likely require you to use different modes of transportation. You may…

  • Shopify dropshipping:1688 Taobao Private Label Clothing Dropshipping Service

    Shopify dropshipping:1688 Taobao Private Label Clothing Dropshipping Service

    1688 Taobao Private Label Clothing Dropshipping Service Along with more and more private label clothing brands on Shopify and Amazon as well as eBay successfully making good profits, the private label clothing brand are more and more attractive to online ecommerce sellers no matter beginners or experienced dropshippers. The clothing market is one of the biggest in all the online platform thus there are lots of segments for you to explore with private label brand. For example, children clothing, men’s clothing, women’s clothing are very big category, we can choose baby clothing 0 to 36 months, XL size or trainning clothing, underwear for women clothing category, or streetwear especially focus on the youth hip pop people, golf clothing for leasure life people. However, when we planning to start private label dropshipping business which doesnt mean we can run immediately unless you professional dropshipping experience with enough funds at the beginning….

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