Guangzhou is the largest and oldest foreign trade port in southern China, and the only port in the world that has been thriving for more than 2000 years.Entrepreneurs who want to source products or materials from Guangzhou should keep in mind certain things when finding a sourcing agent Guangzhou.

1. Track record

A good sourcing agent in Guangzhou has the track record to impress potential clients. Track record may pertain to the number of customers served by the sourcing agent, as well as the overall performance of the agent in matching businesses with the right suppliers.

Organizations that want to make sure about the sourcing representative they hire in Guangzhou start out by ordering a sample product or item. They then judge the sourcing specialist according to the quality of the product delivered as well as the speed by which the delivery was made.

2. Honesty

Sometimes, it pays to have an honest sourcing agent than a capable agent who is not that trustworthy.  It is an open secret that some sourcing agents get commission from suppliers. This relationship increases the chances that an agent will neglect quality in recommending a supplier to a client, as the agent will endorse a supplier who can give him the highest commission.  

Sourcing agent Guangzhou must be honest enough to present a truthful sourcing report to their clients.  Businesses should run a through background check on a sourcing agent that they are considering to hire. Investigating the track record of the agent would go a long way towards ensuring that a company nabs the services of an honest Guangzhou representative.  Likewise, firms should specify in the contract signed with the sourcing agent that hidden commissions are not allowed.

3. Can Communicate Well

Perhaps the biggest hurdle to doing business in China is the language barrier. Not everyone in China is proficient in English, or can communicate well using the global language. It is thus a common occurrence for sourcing representatives in Guangzhou to deliver wrong items or poor quality products to their clients because of miscommunication. This only underscores the need for companies to hire a sourcing agent Guangzhou who can speak and write fluent English.


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