• Elksourcing:Why a Sourcing Agent is Helpful to Your Importing Business?

    Elksourcing:Why a Sourcing Agent is Helpful to Your Importing Business?

    China is a very large source of good products at low costs, however, dealing with Chinese manufacturers is extremely tedious. A sourcing agent is an essential part of business operations of importing from China, they would be able to save your time and money.  1) Easier communication An excellent sourcing agent is an individual with fluent English speaking and understanding, business evaluation, general technical education, coordination, product design and worldwide perspective. He or she can work impeccably in the interest of the buyer to access suppliers at all times, also enhancing the business relationship with the provider. 2) Superior control Having a good sourcing agent, the purchaser’s interests are completely enacted in an exceptionally controlled way. Firstly, with a person getting deep into the industries, the buyer has a superior control of the delivery, production, and after-sale service, and he or she ensures all the information he or she gets is valid. More…

  • Elksourcing:How to Qualify a Sourcing Agent?

    Elksourcing:How to Qualify a Sourcing Agent?

    More and more importers realize the benefits of a sourcing agent; however, they do not know how to qualify a good sourcing agent. In my opinion, below 4 points are the most important areas you need to focus on. 1) Communication: Fluent English, High Efficiency A good sourcing agent must have a strong command over English in both writing and speaking and should be able to communicate with you smoothly by phone and email. Smooth communication is the foundation that helps develop cooperation and seamless workflow. Ability to communicate fluently and confidently in English also reflects that the agent can be trusted to carry out his tasks efficiently and with ease. On the other hand, if your sourcing agent’s English is weak, it will only cost you time as you will have to communicate your requirements time and again until he understands them correctly. A good sourcing agent must also be highly…

  • Elksourcing:Factors about Choosing a Sourcing Agent

    Elksourcing:Factors about Choosing a Sourcing Agent

    Global sourcing companies give necessary advice to organizations regarding the successful implementation of their sourcing strategies, among that, selecting a sourcing agent that fits your needs and preferences is very important to your success. Consider the following factors before selecting a sourcing agent for your business. 1. Knowledge of Sourcing Agent This is the first and foremost aspect you should focus upon. The sourcing agent you choose should possess solid knowledge of the items they deal with. Problems may arise in technical or electrical products as the sourcing company needs to be aware of the specifications. If your hired sourcing agent does not know the technical specifications relating to your product, it can prove to be futile for your organization. It is advisable to hire a sourcing agent that has enough professional experience in handling the same type of products. Furthermore, your selected sourcing company should also be familiar with the production…

  • Elksourcing:Benefits of Hiring a Purchasing Agent in China

    Elksourcing:Benefits of Hiring a Purchasing Agent in China

    Nowadays, more and more importers realize that it is important to hire a purchasing agent in China to help them, as indeed there are lots of benefits of doing so. The following are some of the key work the purchasing agent can do on behalf of you. 1) Supplier Evaluation China purchasing agent will evaluate suppliers, review products, and negotiate contacts. A purchasing agent will assess any supplier on the basis or quality, price, and speed of delivery when it comes to products and services. He or she will interview any kind of vendor and pay a visit to the distribution centers and plants of any supplier to learn about and examine products, prices, and services. A purchasing agent will also attend trade shows, meetings, and conferences just to learn even more about industry trends. He or she will work hard to make contacts with any sort of supplier. 2) Price…

  • Elksourcing:How to Find a Good Sourcing Agent in China?

    Elksourcing:How to Find a Good Sourcing Agent in China?

    When your start your business of importing from china, it is advisable to find a sourcing agent to help you, but it is not easy. You may not know how and where to find a good sourcing agent. How to sign a contract with the agent? How to pay the sourcing agent? How can you tell if they are trustworthy?  Here are some tips for selecting a sourcing agent: 1. Trust is everything I think you would agree with me that to work with an agent, trust is important. I would rather use a reliable and trustworthy but mediocre agent than someone who is capable but not reliable. Ideally, you need someone who is competent and reliable. How can you tell if your agent or representative in China is trustworthy? In many cases, first impressions can misguide you. You can do some online research to see if there are any comments…

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