• Elksourcing:Main Challenges Procurement Companies Face

    Elksourcing:Main Challenges Procurement Companies Face

    Business owners should be reasonable in their demands during the initial phases of any procurement process. If you expect too many results for too little investment, suppliers might not really be able to deliver. It is better to start in a practical manner and slowly move towards increasing profitability and efficiency. Generally speaking, some suppliers offer better terms than others and are also more flexible. But choosing the right one is a decision best left with procurement professionals.  1. Maintaining Consistent Sustainability One of the main challenges faced by procurement companies today is maintaining a good level of sustainability for their clients. Establishing procurement projects in low-cost markets is a very easy of saving a lot of costs.  There are some question marks regarding supply chain efficiency, owing to the relative lack of infrastructure. Even if initial sustainability results are promising, realize that cost surges can occur abruptly due to various market-specific…

  • Elksourcing:How to Judge the Quality of a Sourcing Agent?

    Elksourcing:How to Judge the Quality of a Sourcing Agent?

    Most business firms are preferring China as a sourcing destination owing to various benefits. The sourcing service providers of China are giving the necessary framework to organizations regarding how to conduct key business operations on an effective note. How to judge the quality of a sourcing agent? The following are some parameters: 1). Trustworthiness:  This is the foremost quality of a sourcing agent, which all organizations want. If a company works with a wrong sourcing consultancy, there is every possibility of getting ripped. Organizations may think that these sourcing consultants are offering free or low-cost services, but this is not always the case.  Professional sourcing agents make it very clear to the companies that no information regarding suppliers will be hidden. There will be no faking of information regarding the number of employees, market performance, registration information, reputation, real business type, and product original price. 2). Quality-focused:  It is necessary from the part of sourcing…

  • Elksourcing:How a Sourcing Agency can Help Your Sourcing from China?

    Elksourcing:How a Sourcing Agency can Help Your Sourcing from China?

    In China, the wages for skilled workers are still quite low in the global perspective, this is probably the most important parameter which makes China the factory of the world. Sourcing products from China can prove quite advantageous for struggling western businesses. But sourcing products from any developing country is not free of risk. There are a great number of parameters that you need to consider before jumping in with your investments.  1). What Are Main Challenges Faced by Business Owners Who Intend to Source Products from China? A.   Communication– First of all, Chinese people do not generally have a good command over the English language. Hence, initial talks and negotiations require Chinese speaking skills. Many western business owners are therefore clueless and ineffective in communicating with potential suppliers.  B.   Varied Business Culture– It is a known that most countries in the world have some differences in their business culture. But regionally, the differences…

  • Elksourcing:Why a Sourcing Agent is Necessary for Your Importing Business?

    Elksourcing:Why a Sourcing Agent is Necessary for Your Importing Business?

    With advanced manufacturing techniques and large-scale production, it is necessary to seek the global market for finished goods. Along with the increased movement of goods, the services sector has also flourished across nations. Nowadays, more and more importers have learned that a good sourcing agent is necessary for their importing business. Here are some benefits of using a sourcing agent: (1) A sourcing agent represents the buyer and not the supplier so that you will have a local representative for your business. (2) Sourcing agents help you in finding out trustworthy suppliers and factories with expertise in specific products. (3) They help in finding out the products at affordable price and will save you from wasting money on hidden costs. (4) They can easily communicate in the native language, thus making it easier for you to deliver your message to the supplier and other local authorities. (5) They manage all the tasks of your company or business…

  • Elksourcing:How Can a Sourcing Agent Help Your Product Sourcing?

    Elksourcing:How Can a Sourcing Agent Help Your Product Sourcing?

    China is the most prominent place for sourcing of products. With the country’s economy growing stronger, the procurement and sourcing infrastructure is advancing to an even better state. It isn’t hard to find proficient low-cost Chinese suppliers. In order to get it done appropriately, a business needs to create association with the global sourcing companies. Agents from such companies are well-versed regarding the Chinese market, and its latest business model. They are capable of seeking out appropriate suppliers, and negotiating your agreements, as per your requirements. If you still hold second thoughts regarding China sourcing agent, the below mentioned reasons may clear it out. 1. Benefits of Chinese Product Sourcing 1). Quicker Production: We all know that time is of essence. It is even more significant in a business, as it influences the total success of a business and its activities. With the increase in demand, supply should not fall behind,…

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