• Elksourcing:Questions You Must Answer to Win the Deal

    Elksourcing:Questions You Must Answer to Win the Deal

    I’m constantly thinking about how few sales people really understand what their customers are buying. They know what they are selling, but they can’t explain what they are selling it for-that is why the customer is considering buying the solution and the value it creates for them. There are a few fundamental questions the sales person must be able to answer if they want to present their offerings in a way that is compelling and connects with customers: 1) How does it help them grow their business? That is how will they increase revenues/sales, how will it help them enter new markets, regions or acquire new customers? 2) How will it help them increase their profitability? Growing revenues or cutting expenses or both increase profitability, if the sales person can’t demonstrate this, then there is no justification for the solution-why should the customer buy it, how will they get their…

  • Elksourcing:4 Tips for a Better China Business Trip

    Elksourcing:4 Tips for a Better China Business Trip

    Have you ever faced travel difficulties while visiting a Chinese supplier? Maybe you got lost in the middle of Guangzhou South Railway station? Or maybe the driver that was supposed to pick you up from your hotel in Shanghai never showed? Planning your China business trip can be a painful process. This is particularly true when there are multiple suppliers and different cities to visit. By following the below steps, you can take control and plan your own China business trip, allowing you the freedom to visit new suppliers and travel on your own terms. 1. Fly out from the last and nearest major city of your trip Many business travelers are required to visit more than one area while in China. Quite often, these areas may be in the south, middle or north of China. Sometimes it can be more convenient to fly in and out of different cities…

  • Elksourcing:How to Plan Your First Meeting with Your Target Client?

    Elksourcing:How to Plan Your First Meeting with Your Target Client?

    You’ve finally scheduled that meeting you’ve been trying to get with a good target client. You know that first impressions are critical and you want to make sure you get it right and don’t fall at the first hurdle. If you ask yourself these seven questions they will help you make the meeting a resounding success: 1. Are you meeting the right person? This is really a question you should be asking before you schedule the meeting. If it’s your first meeting with your potential important client, you should be aiming for the highest level executive you can reach. The best way to do that is to define your business value proposition for that specific company and, depending on the company you’re targeting, approach the CEO or other senior executive. Tell them you’d like to discuss how you can help them to achieve a specific business goal that they really care about. If they do care…

  • Elksourcing:Things Should Do and Not Do Dealing with Chinese

    Elksourcing:Things Should Do and Not Do Dealing with Chinese

    Are you interested to do business in China? Being the world factory in the world, it has immense opportunity for overseas business establishments. However, you have to remember that the culture, language and etiquette practiced in the country are completely different from that of your own nation. It is therefore important that you hire a China sourcing agent that can help you in the long run. This article is about things you should not do and those that you should do in China. THINGS NOT TO DO IN CHINA: 1. Do not hurry In developed economies, things happen at a faster rate than in developing economies. So, while you might have a practice to make quick decisions, in China they prefer to reach a decision after prolonged deliberations. So, your sourcing agency will inform you not to hurry things when dealing with Chinese business owners. If you push them to reach a decision,…

  • Elksourcing:Why Small Enterprises Are Sourcing From China?

    Elksourcing:Why Small Enterprises Are Sourcing From China?

    One of the main reasons for China being such an easy place for Small Enterprises to do business in is because over the last four decades it has emerged as the top-sourcing destination for large businesses and built up the all the required capabilities that are typically required for global sourcing operations. The lure of outsourcing from a low cost country such as China, however gets somewhat diluted when confronted by the alien culture, language, currency, logistics, and business environment. Small Enterprises need to realize that by the simple expedient of engaging a trustworthy China sourcing agent, all problems perceived or real can be managed. Advantage 1: Skilled Labor Chinese labor is hardworking, disciplined, and highly skilled. Over many years they have acquired great skill in manufacturing a diverse assortment of products ranging from toys, to industrial machinery, automotive spares and components to computers and electronic communication equipment. There are a…

  • Elksourcing:Why a Sourcing Agent is Better Than Trading Company

    Elksourcing:Why a Sourcing Agent is Better Than Trading Company

    If you are wondering why a sourcing agent is better than trading company, well there are many reasons, but what it all comes down to is that a sourcing agent will act on your behalf and handle all the outsourcing activities so you don’t have to. Rather than spend all of your time doing these things, the agent can do it for you, saving your business time and money. Benefits If you’re going to do business in China, a sourcing agent is a necessity since the quality control methods employed in factories there vary greatly. With a sourcing agent you can be guaranteed of getting quality service you paid, something a trading company cannot ensure. In addition to this, a sourcing agent is going to manage all the paperwork, logistics and communications necessary when dealing with suppliers. As anyone who has engaged in sourcing will tell you, getting a reliable supplier is difficult…

  • Elksourcing:Use a Sourcing Agent in Guangzhou to Source Electronics

    Elksourcing:Use a Sourcing Agent in Guangzhou to Source Electronics

    If you are asking why it’s a good idea to use a sourcing agent in Guangzhou to source electronics, it all comes down to economics and business sense. Sourcing agents based in Guangzhou are there for a reason, and that is to assist you in locating suppliers you can trust, and when it comes to electronics, quality supplier is a must. As you know, Guangzhou is a cify full of high tech and innovations. As a Guangzhou sourcing agent with over 9 year experience, we’re well experienced in various consumer electronic products. We have clients in USA, Germany, South Africa, UK, and several other countries. The followings are what we have learned from our work. Cut Cost and Speed up Transactions Sourcing electronics is all about speed and reliability, and that is where a Guangzhou sourcing agent can help you to cut the red tape, so business transactions proceed quickly. At the same time a sourcing agent will…

  • Elksourcing:Qualities of Good China Sourcing Service Providers

    Elksourcing:Qualities of Good China Sourcing Service Providers

    Companies in need of a sourcing representative in China often turn to sourcing service providers. By enlisting the help of a China sourcing service, companies are assured that they are dealing with reputable firms. Chinese sourcing service providers have a better reputation than sourcing agents because these are legal businesses with proper government accreditation. These service providers may charge higher rates than individual agents but most firms are willing to pay more if only to have peace of mind and assurance that they are transacting with legit entities. While there are numerous sourcing service providers in China, certain qualities can make a sourcing firm stand out from the rest. Expert in the business Good sourcing service providers in China have years of experience in acquiring products in the country.  The years in the business can be considered as a solid testament to the good reputation and track record of the sourcing service firm….

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