• Elksourcing:Purchase by Yourself or Use a Sourcing Agent?

    If you are starting to buy from China, your first decision will be: should I manage this by myself? If your team can’t dedicate 1-3 hours a day (per supplier) to follow what happens in China, you might need help from a sourcing company that can handle these tasks: Identifying new suppliers that can make your products at the right price and quality levels; Helping develop new products/styles with these suppliers; On-going management of the supplier relationships (communication, quality control, shipments follow-up, quality problems, and so on). You may have 3 options: 1. Purchase direct This is what 80% of importers try to do. They want to control the whole process, and avoid paying commissions to any middleman or agent. If you are organized enough to manage suppliers, and if you can satisfy the minimum order quantities (MOQs) of suppliers, this is probably the best option for you. 2. Purchase from…

  • Elksourcing:Finding Buying Agents in China Something You Should Know

    When your business of importing from china grows, you need to find a buying agent to help you, but it is not easy. You do not know how and where to find an agent. There are questions such as should you sign a contract with them? If yes, what clauses to put on the contract? How can you tell if they are trustworthy? To use a buying office or a buying agent? Here are 6 things you should keep in mind when selecting an agent: 1. Trust is everything I think you would agree with me that to work with an agent, trust is important. Ideally, you need someone who is competent and reliable. How can you tell if your agent or representative in China is trustworthy? In many cases, first impressions can misguide you. You can do some online research to see if there are any comments and feedback about…

  • Elksourcing:Why Do You Need a Purchasing Agent in China?

    A good Purchasing Agent plays a very important role in doing business in China, especially when you’re placing a large order: Sourcing and Verifying suppliers, Quality Control, Loading Process Supervision, Goods Consolidation, Shipping Coordination, Business Risk Control, Legal Contract Support and After-sale service. What is a purchasing agent and why do you need one? A purchasing agent could be an individual, a group of team or a company, helping companies overseas to import from China. Usually it will be supported by a team of experts in each field: sourcing, verification, order processing, quality control, etc. A good agent can be an extremely valuable asset in your overall product procurement strategy. Here are the main services offered by your qualified China purchasing agent: I. Keep finding new products and suppliers. II. Verify, inspect or audit existing suppliers. III. Price negotiations and Supply Chain Management. IV. Order processing. V. Quality Control. VI. Loading Supervision. VII….

  • Elksourcing:Why a Sourcing Agent is Better Than Trading Company

    If you are wondering why a sourcing agent is better than trading company, well there are many reasons, but what it all comes down to is that a sourcing agent will act on your behalf and handle all the outsourcing activities so you don’t have to. Rather than spend all of your time doing these things, the agent can do it for you, saving your business time and money. Benefits If you’re going to do business in China, a sourcing agent is a necessity since the quality control methods employed in factories there vary greatly. With a sourcing agent you can be guaranteed of getting quality service you paid, something a trading company cannot ensure. In addition to this, a sourcing agent is going to manage all the paperwork, logistics and communications necessary when dealing with suppliers. As anyone who has engaged in sourcing will tell you, getting a reliable supplier is difficult…

  • Elksourcing:Use a Sourcing Agent in Guangzhou to Source Electronics

    If you are asking why it’s a good idea to use a sourcing agent in Guangzhou to source electronics, it all comes down to economics and business sense. Sourcing agents based in Guangzhou are there for a reason, and that is to assist you in locating suppliers you can trust, and when it comes to electronics, quality supplier is a must. As you know, Guangzhou is a cify full of high tech and innovations. As a Guangzhou sourcing agent with over 9 year experience, we’re well experienced in various consumer electronic products. We have clients in USA, Germany, South Africa, UK, and several other countries. The followings are what we have learned from our work. Cut Cost and Speed up Transactions Sourcing electronics is all about speed and reliability, and that is where a Guangzhou sourcing agent can help you to cut the red tape, so business transactions proceed quickly. At the same time a sourcing agent will…

  • Elksourcing:Dealing with a Sourcing Agent in China

    One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a sourcing agent in China is the agent’s influence on different companies and factories in the country. Aside from having strong ties and connections, they should also be able to break the language and cultural barrier as these may also have a great impact during negotiations in a country with a different language and a different culture. Fortunately, as the leading sourcing companies in China, Elksourcing has established itself as one of the most trusted sourcing agents in the country. With its good reputation, Elksourcing now has good relationships with more than a hundred factories in China, ensuring the success of your business and product sourcing needs. Family Relationships in China The Chinese are known for their rich culture and tight family ties. It is important for your sourcing agent to know this because of the following reasons: ·   Business networks in China may…

  • Elksourcing:Things to Consider in Hiring a Sourcing Agent in Guangzhou

    Guangzhou is the largest and oldest foreign trade port in southern China, and the only port in the world that has been thriving for more than 2000 years.Entrepreneurs who want to source products or materials from Guangzhou should keep in mind certain things when finding a sourcing agent Guangzhou. 1. Track record A good sourcing agent in Guangzhou has the track record to impress potential clients. Track record may pertain to the number of customers served by the sourcing agent, as well as the overall performance of the agent in matching businesses with the right suppliers. Organizations that want to make sure about the sourcing representative they hire in Guangzhou start out by ordering a sample product or item. They then judge the sourcing specialist according to the quality of the product delivered as well as the speed by which the delivery was made. 2. Honesty Sometimes, it pays to have an honest sourcing agent than…

  • Elksourcing:Essential Tips to Achieve Quality Sourcing China

    China has shed its image as a producer of cheap but poorly manufactured products.  Through the efforts of its government, the Chinese has attracted countless of foreign companies for sourcing.  Firms abroad obtain products from China because of factors like low-cost labor. Businesses that are into quality sourcing China must be conscious of certain things when finding the right sourcing specialist in the country. Research Entrepreneurs or firms must have a clear idea on the products they would like to order from China. Product drawings and specifications can help a sourcing agent better understand the requirements of the client. The Internet is a good place to start in looking for a sourcing representative in China. Most foreign buyers visit websites specializing in Chinese products and suppliers to get a list of potential purchasers in China. Some buyers even go to the extent of visiting websites or social media accounts of purchasers in hopes…

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