While the Chinese are generally regarded as trustworthy and hardworking, there are still some people in the country who are not to be trusted when it comes to business. These people work in various fields particularly in the manufacturing sector. Foreign firms that are bent on sourcing products in China must exercise caution and prudence in entering partnerships with suppliers in the said country. A thorough supplier verification China is necessary towards ensuring that enterprises get the services of a good and trustworthy supplier.

Business contact numbers

Companies can verify if a supplier in China is legit by checking the business address of the supplier. Legitimate businesses and production firms in China use a landline phone instead of mobile phones. If a supplier uses a mobile phone for business purposes, there is a good chance that it is a fraud.  There is no restriction or limitation to the number of mobile phone numbers a person or business in China can own, and this is taken advantage of fraudulent suppliers as they can readily change mobile numbers anytime they want, or when they attempt to run away from a client who has given them payment.

Business licenses

Another important facet of supplier verification China is to check its business license. Legal Chinese firms have a unique company registration number as required by the law. If a potential supplier is unable to present a business registration number, then it can be concluded that it is a fake. In checking the veracity of a supplier’s registration number, a business may contact the local office of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce.  There are also specialized services companies in China that businesses can contact to validate the authenticity of a supplier’s business registration number.

Extra low prices

Although China is an attractive sourcing venue because of the low costs of labor and products there, this is not to say that businesses should tap suppliers that promise outrageously low rates. Many scammers in China earn a lot by selling fake products at low prices to overseas buyers. Companies that don’t practice due diligence in evaluating prospective suppliers could fall prey to these scammers.

Payment terms

Supplier verification China can also focus on the mode of delivery and payment terms demanded by the supplier.  Truthful suppliers deliver goods through formal channels. On the other hand, scammers refuse this mode of delivery as they can be subject to examinations from Chinese customs.Likewise, reputable suppliers accept letter of credit payments while bogus ones don’t. 


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