• Elksourcing:Why Do You Need and How to Choose a Sourcing Agent?

    Elksourcing:Why Do You Need and How to Choose a Sourcing Agent?

    There are various benefits of conducting procurement operations in China. The administrations given by Chinese sourcing agents can incorporate statistical surveying, choosing the correct provider, value arrangement, quality confirmation, quality control, crude materials pre-situating, delivery and coordination, pre-shipment review, traditions leeway, and so forth. Reasons to Hire Procurement Services Now that you know the factors that aid in sourcing company selection, here are some reasons to seek the help of  procurement agents. 1.    Sourcing Companies have Dedicated Production Facilities Apple, the highest-grossing company in the world, is American. However, most of the production for their iPhones and iPads take place overseas. This is because sourcing companies have better facilities to dedicate to the production than Apple does in the USA. 2.    Saving Labor Costs Some countries have a higher payment standard to labors. For instance, producing a phone in the USA is generally far costlier than producing the same device in some Asian countries, such…

  • Elksourcing:What to Consider Before Choosing a Sourcing Company?

    Elksourcing:What to Consider Before Choosing a Sourcing Company?

    Business firms can be hugely benefited if they opt for China procurement activities. They can take help from sourcing companies to channelize their procurement operations. Go with procurement operations in China if you want to minimize the production costs of your company’s products and services. Choosing a good sourcing company is vital when you are looking for success. Here are some tips you must consider before choosing your sourcing agent for a business.  1.    Knowledge Every China sourcing company must possess intricate knowledge not only about sourcing the raw materials for the product but also about the specifications for the products in question. For instance, if your company produces laptops, the sourcing agent should understand the exact dimensions of the screen, along with the model of the processor and all other aspects of the device. Without said knowledge, sourced products may not be suitable for your company’s products. Apart from the materials necessary, the…

  • Elksourcing:Benefits of Sourcing in China

    Elksourcing:Benefits of Sourcing in China

    Nowadays, a large number of organizations resort to sourcing operations to minimize their production costs. When it comes to profits, international sourcing especially sourcing in China is more beneficial to organizations. The benefits of international sourcing activities come in the form of increased reliability, low labor costs, excellent quality of materials, scalability of resources, etc. The benefits of sourcing in China are listed as follows: 1. Reliability: Every organization wants to attain stability in its sourcing operations. Now, the question is how can this stability be attained? If companies get access to the right suppliers, firms can attain stability in their operations. It also enhances the functionality of organizations. Most companies face difficulty in reaching out to the right suppliers. To combat this problem, organizations can seek the assistance of sourcing agencies. These agencies are aware of the economic and political scenario of the sourcing destination. They can make companies aware of…

  • Elksourcing:Supplier from Selection to Management

    Elksourcing:Supplier from Selection to Management

    For global sourcing business, working with suitable suppliers is the key to success. The followings are some tips I’ve learned from my 20-year business in import & export industry. 1. Supplier selection Choosing suppliers is crucial to your business. And categorizing your supply base is also vital to making the most of your available resources when managing those suppliers. You would ideally want all of your suppliers to be performing at a high level. However, companies may have large supplier lists stretching into the thousands with some naturally more critical to quality than others. Selection should be the first priority for active supplier development management. Importers and purchasers often consider various criteria for evaluating potential suppliers when beginning their search. 2. Developing an approved suppliers list We often find that a company’s supply base invariably expands over time. Indeed, taking advantage of the “risk management” option of a “second source…

  • Elksourcing:What Should You Check during Factory Visit?

    Elksourcing:What Should You Check during Factory Visit?

    After initial contact through internet, you are almost certain to choose a factory to make your products, and are about to place an order, now, it’s highly recommended for you to pay a personal visit to the factory. What should you check during factory visit? This article tells you the main areas you need to focus on. 1. Factory organization Poor organization can cause many problems—from order delays to wasteful production processes, poor quality and even safety issues. But how do you know what a “good” factory looks like? All you need to remember is “5S”. 5S is a workplace organization method originating from Japan as part of the “just-in-time” manufacturing methodology. The English translation of each of the five S’s is: (1) Sort: Sort through all items in a factory area and remove unnecessary tools, parts and instructions (2) Set in order: Organize remaining items and arrange for easy use…

  • Elksourcing:What Does A Procurement Outsourcing Company Do?

    Elksourcing:What Does A Procurement Outsourcing Company Do?

    Nowadays, importing from China becomes more and more popular. For new importers who want to source from China, it’s highly recommended hiring a sourcing agent. So, what does a procurement outsourcing company do?  1. Conduct research on suppliers A good procurement outsourcing company maintains a database of suppliers. The database consists of names of the companies, the owners, their contact numbers, e-mail address, website URL, office address and so on. The agents conduct a thorough research on the suppliers’ products and decide which supplier is suitable for you. Some suppliers sell only a certain type of products. Agents can approach niche suppliers if you want to purchase niche products. 2. Negotiate prices After having selected some suppliers, the procurement outsourcing company speaks to them in person. This is the time when they discuss about prices. Agents negotiate prices with suppliers on your behalf. The suppliers, who agree to offer products at your preferred rate,…

  • Elksourcing:A Complete Guide for Amazon FBA Beginners

    Elksourcing:A Complete Guide for Amazon FBA Beginners

    When you send your first shipment to Amazon to be fulfilled, you will need to comply to certain criteria. You need to make clear how many parts make up each item and where you are sending them from. Then you select the shipping method and carrier for the shipment. Amazon has favored partners for carrying services which offer competitive rates. Amazon will inform you about where to send your fulfilled shipment.  Once they arrive, they will then become available to UK Amazon buyers. If you are shipping from other countries, there are corresponding fulfilment services in other countries which you can take advantage of. You can select a Multi Country Inventory if you ship products to different countries. Amazon will send your most popular items to the country where they sell the most, but also send the same items to Fulfilment Centers in the countries where they are to be shipped…

  • Elksourcing:Advantages of Hiring a Sourcing Agent

    Elksourcing:Advantages of Hiring a Sourcing Agent

    Are you interested in sourcing products from China? If that’s the case, you have two options – you can either take the trouble of handling all the sourcing activities, or you can hire a sourcing agent China. Calling the suppliers, verifying authenticity of suppliers, negotiating prices, conducting paperwork, and making a deal are not easy. It is a tedious and time-consuming work for business owners. But, if you hire a sourcing agent, you can give attention to important aspects of your business. The followings are the benefits of hiring a sourcing agent for procuring from China. 1. Passes on knowledge about local suppliers By approaching a sourcing agency with offices in China, you can learn about different suppliers and their fields of expertise. The agency experts can speak in the local language and can easily communicate with the suppliers. Sourcing agents are linked with major players in the suppliers’ market and can…

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