• Elksourcing:General Procedure of Creating Product Packaging

    Elksourcing:General Procedure of Creating Product Packaging

    A good product packaging will easily attract customer attention, deliver your brand identity, business image, and product value. It will increase your sales and expand the business. However, bad product packaging will undermine your business marketing efforts and discourage customer’s buying decision. That’s why most business startups would likely to spend time designing their product packaging.  How to create an excellent packaging to grow your business? The following is a general procedure. 1. Think of your brand The packaging is a great way to let your brand speak. You can create a positive association with your brand by developing customized boxes and packages. It would offer a special experience for the customers to unbox and find their purchased item. You have to think of your brand, business value, your target customers, etc. All your brand identity elements can be used on your packaging design including your logo, font, size, color, and images. Choose…

  • Elksourcing:Useful Tips for Sourcing from China

    Elksourcing:Useful Tips for Sourcing from China

    Sourcing products from China provides you with a new marketing edge. After going through the product analysis, finding the right suppliers may require sufficient time and effort. Particularly, when it comes to finding suppliers in China, keep the huge cultural, business and language gap between you and the Chinese suppliers in mind. Building a constant person-to-person relationship can be termed as the key to victory as far as business relationships are concerned in Chinese culture. Outlined below are some tips to nail the method of sourcing various products from China. 1) Find the Right Supplier Finding the right supplier is the key to start hunting for the right products. When you begin looking for a supplier, the web is preferably the best platform to look for. There are some great Chinese marketplaces in the world that can come in handy to you. Moreover, when it comes to suppliers, there is a…

  • Elksourcing:How to Evaluate Your China Suppliers?

    Elksourcing:How to Evaluate Your China Suppliers?

    When you source from China, it is vital to work with suitable China suppliers, but it is uneasy to choose from the long list you find online. How do you evaluate them? Make sure you evaluate the current suppliers’ quality level and status periodically driving them to improve quality continuously. However, make sure you balance quality and costs.  A good procurement process should also ensure a good supply of the materials and inventory management. This is how to do it: (1) Review the supplier’s internal supply chain status and operation level. This includes logistic issues from the raw material channel to finished product shipment. (2) Supervise suppliers to ensure they set up a rigorous scientific internal supply chain operation process and strictly implement it. (3) Establish safety stocks through supplier management inventory and other inventory agreements to avoid material shortages. Inventory quantity should be controlled properly. The above are ideal for…

  • Elksourcing:Important Factors for Choosing a China Supplier

    Elksourcing:Important Factors for Choosing a China Supplier

    When you choose a China supplier for your online business, it is important to remember the following important factors. 1). Affordable price: Price is the most obvious and important factor to take into consideration when looking for new drop shipping suppliers. Since there are various suppliers offer different prices for the same product, it’s important to shop around and see who offers the best deal with the best quality product. 2). High quality: There’s often a conformity between cost and quality: The more expensive the product, the better the quality. But quality is not only when the product meets its function, but also in suitable product package with good protection and required labels. You’d better talk to the supplier to ensure all details about the product before signing any contract. 3). Reliability: If your supplier sends a product in 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks as you announced to your customer, they will blame you,…

  • Elksourcing:Procedure of Selling Chinese Products on Amazon

    Elksourcing:Procedure of Selling Chinese Products on Amazon

    There are hundreds of product categories, what would you choose for your business of selling on Amazon? You have to identify them through market research and surveys. Subsequently, when you identify those categories, it becomes easier for importing the products and sell on Amazon, if you follow bellow procedures. 1. Design Your Own Products It’s time you turn the products unique with a logo – a unique one, necessarily. This way, you would avoid chances of getting mixed up with others. The suppliers on the other side will help you in achieving that. First of all, design a logo for the private label products. It wouldn’t cost too much and you can have what you want. If a supplier offers some incredible choices, you should consider and examine if it goes well for you. After selecting the logo, you have it printed on the cartons and packages of the products….

  • Elksourcing:Is It Possible to Buy High Quality Products at Low Price?

    Elksourcing:Is It Possible to Buy High Quality Products at Low Price?

    Many businessmen believe “you get what you pay for”, thus, they cannot buy high quality products at low price. In most cases, it is true. However, if you work hard and use some tactics, it is possible to pay relatively less and get more, as at end of the day, we live in the market economy.  1) Compare between multiple suppliers Compare several suppliers and their products. Within the supposition of getting equal quality, prioritize those merchants with low prices. But judge the quality of the product. Compare the quality and price of several suppliers and buy from the one offering fewer priced with quality goods. 2) Compare price on B2B platforms There are several famous B2B websites in China, like Alibaba, Made-in-China, Global Sources and etc. These platforms are packed with a large number of product suppliers, whose products are labeled with the approximate price range. You can understand roughly the…

  • Elksourcing:How to Negotiate MOQ Requirement with Chinese Suppliers?

    Elksourcing:How to Negotiate MOQ Requirement with Chinese Suppliers?

    While you are sourcing from China, you may always hear about Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), it makes your business difficult when you only own limited funds, or simply want to play it safe by starting small to test the market before making larger purchases.  Before you begin negotiation, the first step is to understand why the supplier has imposed a MOQ. Is it because there is a lot of work upfront? Or maybe it’s because they prefer to work with larger buyers. Understanding the reasons behind the MOQ will help you better understand their position and allow you to negotiate and propose to best counter offer. Once you have a better understanding of your suppliers’ position and follow our sourcing advice, you possibly can get a lower minimum order quantity. 1: Limit product customization Products can be customized to a varying degree. A custom logo on a pre-existing factory design is…

  • Elksourcing:What Can a Reliable Sourcing Agent Offer You?

    Elksourcing:What Can a Reliable Sourcing Agent Offer You?

    For many online sellers especially for new starters, direct sourcing from China is a daunting job, as there are lots of scammers online, they disguise themselves as good manufacturers, offer very attractive prices, but may disappear after getting your deposit. Also, there are many traps and hassles in the importing process. So, it is recommended to using a reliable sourcing agent in China. What can they offer you? Below are some key areas. 1. Offer Competitive Prices A reliable China Sourcing Agent is able to offer the most competitive prices to his client alongside good quality products. The sourcing agent has the capability to negotiate with suppliers for the lowest possible prices. They are able to offer competitive prices because they have a huge pool of suppliers, so is capable to source almost all products in their professional industry you may need at reasonable prices. 2. Offer Good Communication Once you have…

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