• Elksourcing:Tips for Negotiating Price with Chinese Suppliers

    When is the last time you negotiate price with your Chinese suppliers? It’s one of the best ways to decrease your expenses so you can realize more profit in your business. Everything is negotiable, but you should be prepared before you go to the bargaining table if you want to get the best deal.  Negotiating with suppliers doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does pay to have a plan before you approach them. Follow below tips to get better deals with your suppliers. 1. Sell yourself as repeat business owner Chinese suppliers are just like any other business owners: They want to sell as many products as they can, and they appreciate the customers who will help them reach that goal. When negotiating with suppliers, make sure they know you are someone who will give them repeat business, over the long term. If you have a track record of past…

  • Elksourcing:Tips About Request For Quote to Chinese Suppliers

    After online searching and background check, you may want to make your initial contacts. Request For Quotation (RFQ) is thus a crucial step in your China sourcing program for ensuring the timeliness and quality of your production. Here are some tips that can help you set that tone with your manufacturers so that you are able to secure an accurate and professional quote. Be a Stickler for Details Make sure to be as detailed as possible with your product description. Even from the beginning stages of quote acquisition you should be very exact with your requirements. Usually a quote request should at least include the following details about your product: PicturesDimensionsMaterialsIntended usesOrder quantities Packaging requirementsDrawings – The more professional designs you can provide, the more serious your supplier will take your product. Knowing your product, industry, and production requirements is crucial. Suppliers may think you are submitting an RFQ with them just to get a…

  • Elksourcing:How to Get Lower MOQ from Chinese Suppliers?

    To test the market and limit the risks, for new projects, usually buyers will try to purchase a small QTY. However, Chinese suppliers will always require MOQ – usually it’s a QTY larger than importers are comfortable to start with. So, how to get lower MOQ from Chinese suppliers? The easiest way to get low MOQ is to buy the supplier’s existing design. However, buyers taking this strategy will then face packaging as the key issue. There are three main choices: 1. Plain box: MOQ is low (around 100 pcs). The buyer uses a plain brown box at supplier’s same die cut, and put stickers with brand name, model, product description and barcodes on the box. Should be fine if products are sold online (Amazon, eBay, etc.), but unacceptable for retail. 2. Supplier’s non-branded packaging: MOQ usually is medium (around 500 pcs). Should be fine if products are sold online (Amazon, eBay,…

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