• Elksourcing:Types of Inspections You Should Know for China Sourcing

    From my 20-year experience in China sourcing business, I’ve learned that solid quality inspections are crucial to the success of sourcing from China. However, many new importers are not familiar with the types of inspections and do not know what they should choose. I’m glad to share with you the brief inspections as following. Step 1: Pre-production inspection Make sure your supplier uses the right material and components is concerned by some customers. For example, a tumbler should be made from 304 stainless steel, but some unreliable supplier make is instead of 201 stainless steel; A die casting auto parts should be made from A 380 aluminums alloy, but supplier makes it by using ADC 12; A bicycle hub should be used ceramic bearing, but your supplier uses a stainless-steel bearing for you. When you received these products but find that they were not the products you have ordered. If your supplier is a reliable, honesty, and trustworthiness manufacturer, you don’t…

  • Elksourcing:Terms About AQL Inspection Standard

    Using AQL, you can check whether an order meets your quality requirements without having to inspect every unit of the entire shipment, saving you time and money on inspection. But one look at the AQL table could leave you feeling lost among the mass of numbers, letters, labels and even colors. Is this a quality control tool or a brain teaser? Many explanations of AQL use advanced math models and equations to show how to choose a statistically significant sample for inspection. And these explanations can be hard to follow and overly complex if you’re just looking for a practical introduction on how to use AQL. 1. Acceptance sampling Acceptance sampling is a way to pull and check a random sample of goods or material and accept or reject the total lot based on a statistical result. This lets you apply the results of inspecting this representative sample to making a decision…

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  • Elksourcing:Importance of Third-Party Inspection for Suppliers

    Third-party inspection is important for success of importing business. However, some factories may resist third-party inspection. You might hear a supplier say something like “we don’t need them” or “we have our own quality control staff”. And it’s hard to blame them. They’re being asked to allow a stranger to come into their facility and check their work. Understandably, some suppliers feel they’re being subjected to unfair scrutiny from an outsider. So how can you put your supplier at ease with the inspection process? You can take specific steps to address the problem based on the symptoms presented. But there are also some measures you can take to prevent resistance from the factory in advance. 1). Clarifying the need for inspection when placing an order Although third-party inspection is fairly commonplace, it can catch your supplier by surprise if you advise them of your requirement only shortly before shipping. Letting your supplier know…

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