• Elksourcing:Why Packaging Integrity is Important?

    Elksourcing:Why Packaging Integrity is Important?

    Packaging is considered to be both the presentation of products to consumers, and the configuration in which products will be expedited through various channels. The master carton design includes the configuration in which product will be shipped through channels for end-user consumption, making it especially important where packaging integrity is concerned. Why Packaging Integrity is Important? 1) Carefully planned packaging includes both cost savings obtained through the minimal use of materials, weight and labor, as well as reductions in potential rework costs. 2) Packaging has a direct impact on the perception of quality by the consumer.  3) Orientation is an important consideration because the carton itself only has stacking strength in one direction, which is why it is imperative that the pack be designed the way it will be stacked in transit. Labeling is important in communicating packaging requirements. 4) Packaging experiences a number of potentially damaging forces, which might include shock…

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  • Elksourcing:Terms About AQL Inspection Standard

    Elksourcing:Terms About AQL Inspection Standard

    Using AQL, you can check whether an order meets your quality requirements without having to inspect every unit of the entire shipment, saving you time and money on inspection. But one look at the AQL table could leave you feeling lost among the mass of numbers, letters, labels and even colors. Is this a quality control tool or a brain teaser? Many explanations of AQL use advanced math models and equations to show how to choose a statistically significant sample for inspection. And these explanations can be hard to follow and overly complex if you’re just looking for a practical introduction on how to use AQL. 1. Acceptance sampling Acceptance sampling is a way to pull and check a random sample of goods or material and accept or reject the total lot based on a statistical result. This lets you apply the results of inspecting this representative sample to making a decision…

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  • Elksourcing:How Can Product Inspection Help Shipping Deadlines?

    Elksourcing:How Can Product Inspection Help Shipping Deadlines?

    Many importers worry about meeting commitments they’ve made to their customers. One such commitment, particularly for buyers importing promotional goods, is meeting a particular shipping deadline. And this commitment is often especially important around the holiday season. What’s the solution? Product inspection helps importers meet shipping deadlines. One of the more obvious ways importers receive value from regular inspections of orders is improved product quality. But any experienced importer knows that delivering the product to the customer when they want it is just as important as getting them the product they want. 1. Regular product inspections let you check in on your supplier Imagine being able to check in on your supplier at various stages in production to make sure they are on track to meet their shipping deadline. A product inspector visiting the factory at various intervals can tell you: 1). If the factory has received raw materials for…

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  • Elksourcing:Importance of QC Checks for Packaging

    Elksourcing:Importance of QC Checks for Packaging

    Importers often give much attention to product quality control when it comes to checking design, appearance, function and features. But a lack of attention paid to packaging quality control is most often to blame when a product is damaged or delayed during transit. And it’s a shame because other checks performed during product inspection become irrelevant when your product doesn’t survive the long journey abroad. Your end consumer may be tearing apart and then discarding your packaging as soon as they get their hands on your product. But that doesn’t mean you should rush through determining your packaging requirements with little regard for materials, assortment and inspection. Thankfully, there are several easy packaging checks you can perform during inspection to help you confirm whether your product will reach your customers undamaged and on time. 1. Verify package assortment and quantities Most small consumer products are packed in mass in larger…

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  • Elksourcing:Why Your China Sourcing Products Are Delayed?

    Elksourcing:Why Your China Sourcing Products Are Delayed?

    You found a Chinese supplier at a trade show or online, which looks good and professional, you placed an order, sent the payment and now wait to receive the products. However, after a couple of months when your inventory is running out, the products are still not delivered, why? I often receive emails from frustrated buyers, asking me to assist them to speed up delivery from their suppliers. To solve this issue, first we need to understand what caused the delay. There are four main reasons why shipments are late. 1) The order is too small for the supplier. Many buyers try to find big and established suppliers, despite their own business and orders being small. They do not realize that big suppliers are busy and often do not give importance to small orders. One of my clients from Dubai has been buying car mats from a decent-sized supplier in Zhejiang province….

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  • Elksourcing:Advices in Situations to Ship LCL Rather Than FCL

    Elksourcing:Advices in Situations to Ship LCL Rather Than FCL

    Some importers try to optimize their freight costs. They always make sure they will fill a container up. Most buyers, however, simply buy what they need. They don’t want to carry extra inventory that might not get sold. If they have, say, 22 cubic meters it is not a problem — it will nearly fill a 20′ container up. So, they book an FCL (Full Container Load). Now, what to do if you only have 12 cubic meters of products to ship? Most freight forwarders offer to consolidate your shipment with those from their other clients. Each client books LCL (Less than Container Load), and then the forwarder arranges to put it all together in one container. What is the cut-off point between LCL and FCL? If you have less than 14-15 cubic meters (half the volume of a full 20′ container), it is more interesting to book LCL. What are…

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  • Elksourcing:How to Avoid Delays with Chinese Manufacturers?

    Elksourcing:How to Avoid Delays with Chinese Manufacturers?

    Dealing with a delay in production with shipping and delivery deadlines can be stressful, and the causes of these delays can seem too numerous to effectively protect yourself against. However, there are usually recurring causes for these delays which makes it possible to identify them ahead of time and take steps to help avoid the delays with your order. Reasons for Delay: The production line is too busy – This often happens with China manufacturers at the end of the year due to the Western holiday season. A quality issue arises during inspection – The result is that a partial or full reproduction is needed. Inadequate labor force – This is often due to laborers having to leave for their hometowns for seasonal harvests, or for Chinese New Year. Factory has been outsourcing production – Some factories will outsource part or even all of the work for various reasons. A…

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  • Elksourcing:Difference Between Courier & Air Freight

    Elksourcing:Difference Between Courier & Air Freight

    Courier, also known as “express” is basically a “door to door” service, where the courier company will get your goods from Point A (normally your supplier’s address in origin country) to Point B (Your delivery address in destination country). They will manage all the processes required in getting the goods from A to B, i.e. local pick-up & delivery, customs clearing at origin & destination port, payment of taxes & duties (They will bill you for this bit separately), etc. Popular courier companies are DHL, FedEx, UPS & TNT. Air freight is essentially an “Airport to Airport” service, as opposed to a “door to door” service. This means, the carrier is responsible for taking the goods after they have cleared customs at the origin airport & delivering them to the destination airport. A customs clearing/forwarding agent is required at each end to clear the goods & arrange further delivery to your…

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