What if the price you provide is not as competitive as the price I found on Alibaba? Or I want to buy from my own supplier, but still want to use your service to coordinate between the supplier and me.

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There are two different situations of service charge:

1. If a customer buys a product from his own supplier, and he communicates with the supplier throughout the production process, we will only help check the quality and arrange transportation. If there are quality problems, we will help customers negotiate with suppliers. In this case, we will charge a 5% fee.

2. We help customers communicate with suppliers throughout the process, such as making samples or production. In this way, whether the customer himself or we find a supplier, we will charge a 5%-10% service fee based on the product value. We also help check the quality and arrange transportation.

Although the customer paid more service fees for the second service, we can help customers save a lot of time in communicating with suppliers. If a quality problem occurs, we will help you negotiate with the supplier on your behalf until the problem is resolved.


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