Is your price lower than that of Alibaba or China-made suppliers?

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It depends on your requirements.

The suppliers in the B2B platform may be factories, trading companies, second or even third-party middlemen. The price of the same product is hundreds of dollars, and it is difficult to determine who they are by checking their website.

In fact, those customers who have previously purchased from China may know that China does not have the lowest price, and the price is lower. If quality and service are not considered, we can always find lower prices when searching. However, because of our past experience, we are looking for customers with a good price-performance ratio instead of the lowest price.

We guarantee that the quotation is the same as the supplier’s price without any other hidden charges. (For details, please check our price page). In fact, our prices are mid-level compared to the prices of B2B platform providers, but we provide you with an easy way to buy goods from different suppliers that may be located in different cities. This is something that B2B platform vendors cannot do because they usually only focus on one field product. For example, the person who sells ceramic tiles may not know that the lighting market is good, or the person who sells sanitary ware may not know where to find a good toy supplier. Even if they can quote for you, they can also be found from Alibaba or Made in China platforms.


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