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1. Is there a minimum order quantity?
There is no minimum order quantity.

2. How many pieces of each product should be ordered?
The number of pieces that must be ordered for each product depends on the rules of each store and each product on, so you must follow these rules or minimum order requirements.

3. Is there a discount for purchasing large quantities of products?
Each product has a price list depending on the quantity you purchased, so you should check the information provided for each product on

4. What is the difference between shopping cart and wish list?
In the shopping cart, you will add the products you want to buy. A wish list is a list where you can mark or save products without buying them, you can use it to store the products you are interested in or the products you keep buying, and you can add products to the shopping cart from the "wish list" .

5. Can I place orders on different dates?
If you want to add a product to the shopping cart on a different date, you may lose the product or cancel it on in the future, so it is recommended that you save the product in Excel and then make bulk purchases, or you may also You can add products to the "wish list" and then add them to the shopping cart.

6. How long can the product be stored in my shopping cart?
There is no set time, because it depends on removing those products from, changing prices or more of the rules. Therefore, when changing any of these factors, your shopping cart may be affected. We recommend that in the shortest time Order within.

7. Can I delete products from the shopping cart?
Of course, you can adjust the quantity required for each product before checkout and payment. If you want to adjust any product, you must follow the minimum order quantity and price list rules, depending on the quantity purchased.

8. How to place an order in Excel?
To place an order via Excel, just write all the links of the desired products in column A, then upload the file and select all the products of these links.

9. What is the purpose of ordering through Excel?
Ordering via Excel can help you select products in bulk, rather than one-to-one.

10. Why can't I add products from previously saved links?
If you have a link to a product and can’t add it again, it is due to two different reasons. The first is that the product no longer exists and has been removed from the page. You can verify the link yourself. The second reason is that the product's inventory is insufficient. It is recommended that you check this data in more detail.

11. How to calculate domestic freight?
In domestic transportation, each seller has different costs and shipping rules. We cannot know the price exactly. For this reason, we charge most sellers an estimated average cost and adjust the actual price before you pay the second payment. . Every supplier has transportation costs, so it is recommended to order more products from one store to avoid the price of domestic transportation affecting the cost of the product.

12. What if the seller does not send the product to your warehouse?
If the seller does not ship the goods after the purchase, we will request a refund through the buyer’s protection through

13. What happens if you find a defective product?
If we find a defective product at a glance, we will notify the seller and ask for a refund, change or compensation.


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