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1. What is domestic transportation?
Domestic delivery refers to the delivery of each store or factory from its place of origin to our warehouse. Each store charges a domestic delivery fee. This is why it is convenient to order more products in a single store instead of multiple stores In order to avoid an important increase in the cost of the product.

2. Can you send it to any country?
Yes, we can send to any country, but not all shipping companies send to the world. If you need more detailed information about a specific company, please contact us.

3. How to calculate domestic freight?
Domestic shipments are calculated by each seller within, sometimes in units of weight or pieces, but all sellers have different shipping rules.

4. How much is the international freight?
The cost of national transportation depends on the weight and size of the product. To know the transportation cost in your country, please contact our service staff:Online Contact

5. Can I use my own freight forwarder?
Of course, we can integrate your merchandise on your behalf and send it to any place you want, and the required shipping costs are borne by the customer.

6. How to track my goods?
After shipping the goods, we will provide you with a tracking number, which you can use to track the goods with the selected carrier.

7. Does the product include tax?
No, the product does not include any taxes.

8. Is there a size limit?
If you need to buy a large size product, please contact us so that you can contact the shipping company and confirm whether it can be shipped.

9. Can I send a different name?
Yes, we can divide the order into different shipments according to your requirements.

10. Can you declare other values ​​on the invoice?
If you want to declare other values ​​on the invoice or need special instructions, please request it in the order.

11. Can you let the customs release it?
No, the tax and customs clearance fees are paid by the customer. Of course, we will recommend some tax-included transportation channels, which are limited to some countries that support tax-included tax, mainly in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

12. What products are not allowed in international transportation?
Knowing which products can be imported into your country/region is one of your responsibilities. Some products have restrictions and some cannot be sent.

13. The prohibited items include drugs or narcotics, weapons and flammable items.
Restricted items are products containing batteries, liquids, powders and branded products.

14. Can I request special packaging?
If you need special packaging or packaging, but this does not mean higher costs, we can be happy to provide you with packaging, similarly, you can also request some special-sized packaging boxes or provide additional protection for the packaging boxes . We will try to pack the best products so as not to damage them.

15. What if my package is lost?
If your package is lost, we will try to file a claim with the company, but we cannot always get a reply. The cost per kilogram of goods shipped through a third party is very low, so if you need insurance, it is best to ask for it.

16. Can my goods be secured?
If you need to buy insurance for your goods, you must require it to be able to quote prices in accordance with these requirements.

17. What if not all the products I ordered arrive?
We will send a proof photo to prove that your product has been shipped completely, but sometimes the shipping company or customs will remove the product from the inside of the box. Therefore, if you encounter similar problems, we will not be able to solve this situation, please contact you Contact the courier company in your area.


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