If you are an Amazon seller, you need to constantly ship products from China to Amazon FBA. Do you want to arrange by yourself, or to use agents? Here are a few key advantages you can avail if you choose to use agents in getting your products shipped from China to FBA:

1) Higher Consolidation

If you are using agents, they will make sure that your products leave China in a consolidated form. This will increase the safety of the products and the chances of them matching the standards set by Amazon.

2) Ensuring Inspection

If there are any specific changes being made to the packaging of your product to meet the Amazon standards, you will be called by the agents to inspect them thoroughly before they are shipped out of China. You can suggest them any changes you feel regarding any aspect of shipment and the agents will duly implement the same.

3) Privacy Regarding Strategies

If you are using agents, the sales strategies will only be discussed between you and them (if you wish to) and the Chinese suppliers will not be a part of discussion at all. This gives you more privacy as a seller.

4) Low Chances of Rejection

As agents double check that your products are packaged suitably and meet all the standards set by Amazon, there are very low chances of them being rejected by the FBA rules on any grounds.

Disadvantages of Using Agents for Shipment

Here are the major shortcomings you are likely to face if you choose to go with agents in order to ship your products from China to Amazon FBA:

1) Agent Charges

If you are choosing to use agents in shipping your products, a considerable amount of your money will be spent in paying them for the services they provide. It is therefore advisable to work out all the finances before you choose this route.

2) Chances of Delay

If your customer queries are filled with questions like, “why does Amazon take so long to ship?” there are higher chances for using agents. As the route your products will follow from the suppliers in China to the final customers get extended, there are chances the customers will get your products later as compared to you shipping the products directly.


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