To source goods from China and resell online is proven successful for many entrepreneurs. Why more and more online sellers choose sourcing from China? There are many reasons, on top of them, the following reason are recognized by many business owners.

1) Cheap cost

Most of China products are available at a cheaper cost. If you source your product from a distributor or wholesaler in the USA, you are like to pay 2 or 3-time higher prices than sourcing from China. The cost savings are achieved via cheaper labor cost, faster production speed with moulds, and less marginal cost at high order QTY. Cheap cost can sharp your business’ competitiveness.

2) Supplier options

China is known as a manufacturing hub for its business ecosystem, labor pool and low production costs. Numerous industrial clusters are a distinctive feature of the Chinese economy. 

China has a long list of producers, thereby leaving you many choices. You have the flexibility to choose a producer whom you think is the best suitable for you. 

3) Easy exporting

When it comes to exporting goods, China follows a very streamlined process. Because of good infrastructure, vast labor supply, and strong government management, the logistics is very efficient. China has invested heavily in power and infrastructure; it has the most advanced ports and road system. 

4) Product quality

In the last decades, China gathered rich experiences on manufacturing and quality control, and more and more china factories have quality control system, the quality inspectors use quality control measures to assure that the product reaches the customer at desired quality. Most factories perform 100% inspection for their products, so more and more factories can meet the top-quality product specifications. 

Many China factories follow strict standards and regulations when it comes to quality, they focus on the quality of equipment, structures, materials and components. Also, the quality control services provided by 3rd party inspection company can help you in ensuring compliance with quality standards and mandatory regulation. 

5) Short lead time

Another good reason to source goods from China is that it needs less time in production. The productivity of their workforce is commendable, they have excellent logistics and infrastructure and they are also technologically advanced. More and more factories invest heavily in bigger machines, automatic production line, and new technologies.

As the laws are systematized in favor of exporting, they reduce the complexity of exporting from China.


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