Sourcing is the art of locating and choosing certain businesses or individuals or in accordance with set criteria. Companies routinely hunt for sourcing requirements to complete the Supply Chain Management cycle. Identification of potential manufacturers is the first step in this process, followed by subsequent assessment of goods. Finally, the product sourcing agent China must engage with the manufacturer for the best price. 

At present, China is regarded as the world’s premier manufacturing hub, with all types of parts being made here, thereby ensuring low prices. Therefore, any business that requires different parts can get them from hire. However, direct engagement with the suppliers is very difficult, owing to language barriers, cultural differences, legal issues, and business risks. All these challenges can be effectively mitigated by a reputed product sourcing agent China.   

Every business wants to ensure that it is able to get manufacturers who give high preference to quality. For this reason, the top management at various businesses has to finalize a suitable sourcing company and go by the expertise and judgment of its professionals. Once chosen rightly, the sourcing agents will help businesses run successfully for a long time.    

The dependable network 

Chinese sourcing agents function efficiently due to a great network with manufacturers and other parties who form part of the SCM cycle. It makes sense for a company to leverage this network through the agent and formulate a procurement strategy accordingly. Various methods to reach out to the sourcing framework include:

1) Use of the Internet – This is possibly the single largest source to locate sourcing agents. A number of them are present here, though one can get better results through streamlined searches. 

2) Tapping into social media – A few exclusive sourcing companies use social media to propagate themselves, although the numbers are lesser than the Internet. Some of these are likely to very well known in small circuits, which may be visible on forums. However, some of the information here is unverified.

The sourcing agents can be trusted enough to do their part of the job, which is to locate suitable manufacturers. However, companies doing business with them will need to keep track of transactions. Contracts enforced with the manufacturers, using help from sourcing agents, must be done carefully. One can look at the sourcing agents for a healthy degree of assistance here. Of course, every organization must remember to conduct thorough market research prior to sourcing their requirements.

How is sourcing carried out?

1) Quotes – Agents must work hard enough to collect price quotes from various Chinese manufacturers 

2) Sample review – After acceptance of the final quote, physical samples are taken from the manufacturer and are forwarded for approval

3) Trial run – During the trial run, the critical section of the project is discussed in detail with the manufacturer

4) Production – Mass production commences once the customer feels confident. QC professionals play their part in monitoring quality.

5) Delivery – Forwarders pick up the products to deliver products as per customer demands. Additionally, aspects such as certification custom clearance, product clearance, and documentations are also handled.


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