Starting a business of importing from China is a tedious process. You have to create a sound business plan to run your business and ensure it will create profit in the long-term. More importantly, you should have a reliable and trustworthy supplier you can get quality products to sell to your target customers.

For first-time importers, the task of looking for a supplier is daunting, you should consider your budget and the number of products you need to order. With business transactions most likely done online, it can be hard to deal with someone without at least seeing your contact in person. Adding to that worry are horror stories where business owners get duped by scammers online.

In such cases, hiring a sourcing agent to help you deal with your supplier can help a lot, employing an agent can make transactions easier and with less hassle. Reliable sourcing will make your job easier as far as dealing with Chinese suppliers is concerned. 

This article will discuss what sourcing agents do and how important they can be on your business. Here are some things you need to know about a sourcing agent’s tasks:

1. They take care of importation process

In a nutshell, sourcing agents do the importation transactions with the supplier for you. They take the major responsibility of all the related legwork of product importation – from ordering up to the delivery. A reliable sourcing agent should also be knowledgeable with the importation process and prevent risks that can affect your operations.

2. They speak local language

If you are importing from China, it is only logical to hire someone who can speak their language. This can help in better communication and prevent miscommunication that can ruin your business.

3. They represent your business

Because sourcing agents will represent your business, it is important to hire someone reliable and trustworthy enough. A sourcing agent will also help you look for suppliers and conduct on-site factory visits when necessary.

4. They serve as quality controllers

A reliable agent should know the roundabouts of the importation process. At the same time, the agent is also responsible for conducting product quality inspections before it lands to your doorstep for selling. Sourcing agents will ensure you only get the best products from the best suppliers in town.

If you are a first-time importer, you will definitely need help with experienced personnel, and a reliable sourcing agent will help you with such tasks. Many successful businessmen believe hiring a sourcing agent for importing from China is a good business investment.


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