A lot of businesses reply more and more on importing from China, as China is becoming the major manufacturer for most of consumer products, because of low price and improved quality. 

However, the geographical distance, vast categories of products, language barrier, and cultural differences pose a problem for most foreign buyers. Thus, having a good China souring agent is important. The following aspects are important for you to choose a right sourcing agent.

A. Trustworthiness

A buyer should note trustworthiness is the primary factor when it comes to the selection of a sourcing agent. If you work with a dishonest sourcing agent, you will never be aware that, your sourcing agent is actually ripping you off by secretly ask the supplier for hidden commission.

A professional sourcing agent will make their golden rule that no information about the supplier should be hidden or faked to the buyer, including number of employees, market performance, reputation, registration information, real business type, product cost, quality, etc. All the communication and operation are transparent and open.

B. Communication

As English is the international language of business, your China sourcing agent should have a good command of spoken English, so you can talk online for important matters. Also, the They should also have good written English as many of your communications will be in email.

Besides, Time & Efficiency is important. Professional skills and efficient reaction can speed you up and get you ahead of your competitors. Your personal sourcing agent will provide you real-time services. If you have any questions they can help you solve immediately.

C. Product expertise

Knowledge about product and industry is a decisive factor. First, an insider has a much more comprehensive product expertise, which is required to understand what makes good quality for a certain product. Second, this may also speed up supplier sourcing and vetting procedures, as they can utilize an existing network of suppliers.

However, still it is important for you to communicate your quality requirements and product specifications.

D. Quality sense

No matter looking for products or suppliers, a good purchasing agent should guarantee the quality.

The products provided must meet the needs and requirements of customers. Supplier verification and evaluation plays a very important role, sourcing agent also will provide you when start the sourcing.

Once a supplier is chosen by the buyer, the sourcing agent should take the time to go to the factory in person to check the raw materials, assembly lines, semi-finished parts, warehouse, and do quality inspections, and provide the written report to the buyer with photos and detailed findings.


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