For many online sellers especially for new starters, direct sourcing from China is a daunting job, as there are lots of scammers online, they disguise themselves as good manufacturers, offer very attractive prices, but may disappear after getting your deposit. Also, there are many traps and hassles in the importing process.

So, it is recommended to using a reliable sourcing agent in China. What can they offer you? Below are some key areas.

1. Offer Competitive Prices

A reliable China Sourcing Agent is able to offer the most competitive prices to his client alongside good quality products. The sourcing agent has the capability to negotiate with suppliers for the lowest possible prices. They are able to offer competitive prices because they have a huge pool of suppliers, so is capable to source almost all products in their professional industry you may need at reasonable prices.

2. Offer Good Communication

Once you have selected your supplier and placed your order, you need to frequently communicate with the supplier about all details of the transaction, this is what a reliable China sourcing agent can do for you. They will keep checking the lead time and production progress and any manufacturing issues there might be.

An effective sourcing agent must be able to speak the language of suppliers to be able to do sound business. There is no room for miscommunication in this business. A slight miscommunication can mean loss of money.

3. Offer Knowledge of Chinese Business Culture.

A reliable China sourcing agent is able to effectively deal with Chinese suppliers if he understands how they conduct business. we should be aware of behaviors and beliefs and how suppliers conduct business transactions. Chinese business culture is very much different from the one is western world, many western people feel Chinese people often say “Yes” to their questions, but they are confused as the result may be opposite to their expectations. It is daunting for western people to directly communicate with Chinese businessman for complicated business projects.

4. Offer Daily Monitoring Chinese Suppliers

A reliable China sourcing agent has good negotiating skills and has enough time to monitor Chinese suppliers at a daily basis. Because of time zone difference and vast distance, this is very difficult for the western businessman to do so.

5. Offer Quality Control

You have various options for checking product quality of your first order. You can take the suppliers word for it that the product is as per the sample, plan another trip to China to see for yourself, or hire a reliable China sourcing agent to do this for you. The sourcing agent is professional in the industry, and experienced in quality inspections, so they can do online quality checks for the semi-finished products and finished products, along with checks to packaging, labeling, function and appearance, make sure the products you will receive are in conformance with product specifications and customers’ expectations.


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