Sourcing from China is a lucrative business, but it can be risky and complex. Finding a reliable China supplier is difficult, the whole sourcing process seems daunting to new importers. You can’t fully trust the information shown online, and it is important to know the reality of the suppliers in China.

If you’re buying from China, you need trustworthy people on the ground in China. A good sourcing agent can help streamlining manufacturing processes. The followings are what a China sourcing agent can do for you.

1. Handle communication

Usually, if you are looking for a list of products you think promising, you may need to find 5 suppliers, also, you need to calculate unit cost and shipping cost. That means, you will have to spend lots of time at Alibaba or other sourcing websites and deal with endless emails with various suppliers. Every time you want to get price and delivery information for a product, you need to spend a few days to communicate with suppliers back and forth.

A China sourcing agent will help you solve this problem. You can easily send full production specifications and quality expectations, along with order QTY and target FOB price to the sourcing agent, then the sourcing agent will do the sourcing in their professional field, filter qualified suppliers, negotiate the best possible prices, and get back to you with a full package of options within a week.

2. Get better price and lower MOQ

Many clients always start off with 100-200 units because they want to test a product, see how it behaves, get a feel for the specification and overall market performance. What a China sourcing agent can do is to talk with the local suppliers, get quotations from various suppliers, compare one to another, negotiate with suppliers, and try to get the most suitable option. Because the China sourcing agent has long-term business relationship with suppliers, he can get the support from suppliers and start with a low MOQ.

3. Do quality inspection

Nowadays, bad product quality can kill a project instantly, as disappointed customers will leave bad reviews online, and tell more people around him. You cannot trust a China factory can manage quality 100% correct, especially in peak seasons.

If you have a China sourcing agent to help you handle whole process, it will save you lots of hassle. China sourcing agent can help you check monitor production line, check finished products one by one, and prevent bad products being packed into cartons.

Also, China sourcing agent can inspect bulk production before shipment, and do container loading check to ensure that the specifications are the same as the customer required. Especially for small sellers, it is not cost-effective to order a third-party inspection company for the production quality control.

4. Consolidate shipment

If you request samples or products from multiple suppliers, it is expensive to ship them separately. When you have a China sourcing agent, you can have all the samples sent to his office, or all the products sent to his warehouse. Usually, the China sourcing agent can keep the products in his warehouse free of charge for up to a week, you may combine all the products and shipped them in the same container to your country, to save your pennies.

As an experienced Sourcing agent has cooperated with logistics companies for a long time, they can get favorable rates and priority from logistics company. So, you can get your products shipped earlier and at a lower cost.

Moreover, your sourcing agent will prepare shipping documents and let you know what compliance certification you will need for customs clearance. You can stay away from hassle of shipping and focus on your marketing strategy.


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