If you are an online retailer, you know the importance of product ranking. Amazon is a top online marketplace. The better that you rank, the more traffic and conversions you will get. How to improve your Amazon ranking? Pls read valuable tips as below.

1) Optimize keywords

On Amazon, keywords tell the search engine what your product is and what it is about.

If you want to rank higher on Amazon, you have to use the right keyword to gain relevancy to the search keywords. To use the right keywords, you need to understand what search term customers will use to search for certain products. It’s not an easy task to do it well. You need to do some research; you can use keywords tools to create keyword lists. There are various keyword tools, including the keyword tool, Jungle Scout, etc. Enter a certain keyword, and you will get a list of related keywords. Once you have your keywords, you have to optimize the backend keywords on Amazon. Place as many keywords as possible in the backend keyword field before adding keywords to your content. Make sure all your keywords get indexed but don’t exceed 249 bytes (including space). To maximize the power of keywords, you have to optimize their placement but keep customer experience and readability in mind when using keywords in the product content.

2) Improve product listing

You can improve the product listing for relevancy; optimize product title, product images, and description. 

a.    The Amazon algorithm uses keywords and indexes the product’s title, so it’s good practice to insert relevant keywords in the product title. Amazon limits the bullet points on each listing to 1000 bytes. Use relevant keywords but make them

b.    Use keywords in your product description but tell an engaging story, be compelling and use a call-to-action voice.

c.     Optimize product images. To help the customer, Amazon has a zoom function on product images. To ensure your images can use this function, use high-quality images with 1000 pixels or more. Great images attract customers and help you gain traffic and conversions.

3) Set a competitive price

How much you charge for impacts on your Amazon conversion rate and the possibility of winning the Amazon Buy Box. Amazon is a customer-focused platform and always seeks the supplier who offers the best quality at the best price. Price is the major factor in determining which item will show in the Amazon Buy Box. Typically, a product with a good rating and reasonable price will help you gain a higher ranking on Amazon.

Set a competitive price, and you are likely to gain a higher conversion rate, which leads to a higher Amazon product ranking. Make sure to monitor competitors both on and off the platform and set your price accordingly and competitively.

4) Increase sales

Products with the highest sales always stay on the top of the search result page. It’s easily concluded that the more you sell, the higher you will rank, and the more likely you are to win the Amazon Buy Box. There are several things you can do to increase sales.

a.    You can lower your product prices. If your product price is slightly lower than your competitors for a product of the same quality and function, you will gain a higher conversion rate. Keep a close eye on your ROI, and make sure you’re still profitable.

b.    Select unique products. If you are the only seller in the marketplace with a certain product, you will have little competition. This will make it easy for you to win the Amazon Buy Box. Figure out the ways to stand out on the marketplace.

5) Offer Prime

Amazon has over 63 million Prime members. The number is likely to exceed non-Prime Amazon users. There is a growing tendency on Amazon to use the subscription service and enjoy the privilege of being a Prime member.

To take advantage of this, sellers have to become Prime sellers.  If shoppers filter out the non-Prime items, your products will not show up.

Make sure you understand the specific rules on Amazon, follow them, and you will be rewarded with more visibility on Amazon.

6) Get more customer reviews

Customer reviews impact your business sales and rankings and are an important factor for the Amazon algorithm. Shoppers trust what previous customers say about the product and the seller. 

You must gain positive customer feedback and reviews about the product to help you gain a higher ranking, more traffic, and sales.

There are no shortcuts for getting more reviews, and there are strict rules imposed by Amazon to guard against falsifying. Use approved methods of getting feedback like sending follow up emails to purchasers.

7) Initiate advertising campaigns

Advertising will help you gain instant exposure and traffic. You can leverage the marketing options on Amazon and advertise to increase traffic and ranking. You can also advertise on other channels like Google AdWords and Facebook ads.

Multi-channel advertising will mean higher exposure and a higher ranking on the search result page.

8) Use Amazon FBA

Amazon gives privileges to FBA sellers and products with FBA shipments. If you are not an Amazon FBA seller, consider joining the program to increase your sales and product ranking.

Products sold by Amazon FBA sellers will rank higher than products listed by non-FBA sellers.  FBA sellers enjoy the Amazon Prime service and have the chance to win the Amazon Buy Box.

9) Offer fast speed for order processing and shipping

Response time is important for both sellers and customers. To ensure your customers are happy, offer high-speed order processing and shipping and delight them by getting their purchase to them quickly.

Make sure your order processing and fulfillment guidelines are streamlined. Give special training to your employees so that they understand how to fulfill orders quickly and accurately.

10) Improve customer satisfaction

Your customer satisfaction rate is made up of several factors and plays a part in your Amazon product ranking.

11) Keep a good inventory

If your products are running out of stock, they will get a lower ranking. The impact depends on how long you are out of stock and the measures you take to cope with the situation.  The longer you are out of stock, the further your ranking will drop.


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