If you are asking why it’s a good idea to use a sourcing agent in Guangzhou to source electronics, it all comes down to economics and business sense. Sourcing agents based in Guangzhou are there for a reason, and that is to assist you in locating suppliers you can trust, and when it comes to electronics, quality supplier is a must.

As you know, Guangzhou is a cify full of high tech and innovations. As a Guangzhou sourcing agent with over 9 year experience, we’re well experienced in various consumer electronic products. We have clients in USA, Germany, South Africa, UK, and several other countries. The followings are what we have learned from our work.

Cut Cost and Speed up Transactions

Sourcing electronics is all about speed and reliability, and that is where a Guangzhou sourcing agent can help you to cut the red tape, so business transactions proceed quickly. At the same time a sourcing agent will negotiate the cost and make certain you are getting the best deal possible by interacting with the best available electronics suppliers. Because Guangzhou is fast becoming the center of manufacturing electronic products, sourcing electronics has become ideal, but the products produced by suppliers vary so an agent can help in this regard.

Manage Business Made Easy

Sourcing agents are more practical and helpful than trading companies, and with their help you’ll be in a better position to source electronics as well as other related matters such as manufacturing and purchasing. It is also important to note that sourcing agents are very familiar with the situation in Guangzhou, the prevailing market and what the rules are, making it easy to source electronics. This is much better than doing everything on your own or relying on a trading company, which is not only expensive but won’t be able to ensure the quality of the product.

Monitor Product Quality

To make sure you have a sustainable business of importing from China, you need to make sure the products are produced in a certain standard, and kept at a stable quality lavel. Therfore, you need to find a reliable sourcing agent Guangzhou with quality background, preferable the founder has proven history of being an inspector himself, so the company has good sense of quality management and know-how in quality control technics. There are too Chinese traders who are good at sales skills so can win big orders, but soon or later, the business is ruined because lack of quality control. A hidden mistake happened in a big order will create a big disaster, think about the situation that multiple containers are received and partially sold, but many faulty products were claimed by consumers, what can the seller do? Most possibly the seller has to recall all the sold products, and re-check all stock products, which will bring huge cost.

Maintain Sustainable Supply Chain

To grow up your business in long-term, you have to own a stable and sustainable supply chain, but it’s difficult work to do by yourself. So, it’s recommended to hire a sourcing agent in Guangzhou to manage your electronic supply chain. If there are many projects and multiple suppliers, it’s time-consuming to monitor the issues and communicate with the people, especially if there are obstacles of time-zone difference and language issue. You really need someone on the ground to focus on full details, and report to you in timely and professional matter. With the help of the trustworthy sourcing agent, you will be able to own a solid supply chain, and bring your business to a higher level.

Beside above benifits, a sourcing agent will represent you, not the supplier, so your interests will be their main concern. And rather than waste your time and resources looking for the right suppliers, the agent will do it for you and at a price that you can live with.


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