In the industry of importing from China, it is easy to find many Chinese suppliers on Internet, such as B2B websites, however, it is uneasy to find a good one, one that meets all of our requirements. In the online showroom, the supplier looks perfect, but it may not be. In this article, I want to share some tips about verifying a Chinese supplier.

1). Network preliminary screening

We can Google the supplier’s name to see if there is any information on the Internet that is detrimental to the company. If so, there is no need to continue, try to find other suppliers. Even if it doesn’t have any negative news on the Internet, that doesn’t mean he’s trustworthy and reliable. It needs to be verified in other ways.

2). Entrust a third-party company

Many companies in China can do credit checks on suppliers and can entrust these companies to help you confirm whether the suppliers are trustworthy. You can also assign your other suppliers to do the work for you.

3). Ask from the supplier’s clients

It’s a very effective way when you can’t go to China for field inspection. Many clients are willing to recommend their good suppliers. You can ask your supplier for the contact information of one or two of its clients. You can call them personally to confirm whether the supplier is worthy of cooperation.

4). Ask for product samples

You can also ask the supplier for samples to check whether they meet your requirements. However, it is ideal to know that this method is only suitable for honest suppliers. This method determines whether the product they are selling meets your requirements and is not valid for fraudsters. You can’t guarantee that the goods they send you are of the same quality as the samples they send you.

5). Go to China, visit factories, do field research.

If you have the conditions, you can go to China and have a real experience of the supplier you want to cooperate with in the future. If you cannot do it, you may use a trustworthy sourcing company to do it on behalf of you.


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