Are you interested to do business in China? Being the world factory in the world, it has immense opportunity for overseas business establishments. However, you have to remember that the culture, language and etiquette practiced in the country are completely different from that of your own nation. It is therefore important that you hire a China sourcing agent that can help you in the long run. This article is about things you should not do and those that you should do in China.


1. Do not hurry

In developed economies, things happen at a faster rate than in developing economies. So, while you might have a practice to make quick decisions, in China they prefer to reach a decision after prolonged deliberations. So, your sourcing agency will inform you not to hurry things when dealing with Chinese business owners. If you push them to reach a decision, Chinese business owners tend to think that they are on the winning edge. This is not a positive situation for you.

2. Do not ignore cultural practices

Try to adhere to the cultural norms practiced in China. You need to do some research before sitting face to face with a Chinese business owner. For instance, the Chinese consider it rude to point at anyone with the index finger. While the above mentioned gesture might be perfectly normal to you, it might offend a Chinese. As a result, you might end up losing an attractive business deal that you had bragged with the help of a China sourcing agent.

3. Do not depend on a signed contract

In western nations, a signed contract may be the last word in a business deal. But, for a Chinese, it is not. The Chinese believe that a contract is only a draft that can be changed as per requirements. They believe in continuing negotiations even after the contract is signed.


1. Learn the local language

Learn Cantonese or Mandarin. Do some research to know which language is favored in the part where you want to do business. While Southern China is more into Cantonese, Northern and south western China is into Mandarin. Learning does not mean you have to be fluent in the local language. However, when you try to greet your Chinese counterparts in their own language, they take it a nice gesture. Most of the business will probably be done in English.

2. Get a good interpreter

A good interpreter not just converts one language from the other, he or she also interprets the tone in which the words are spoken.

3. Take your time

Take your time to know your partner, Chinese business owners like to take time before deciding whether they want to work with a particular partner. Also, the Chinese believe in building relationships before starting business. So, the first two meetings are not going to be much fruitful as far as business dealings are concerned. They are however, useful to know each other better.

These were some of the things you should not and should do when doing business in China. A reliable China sourcing agent can help you out regarding business matters in China


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