A good buying agent would be a great contributor to your business success in China. To safeguard the whole process of buying goods from China, the character of the buying agent matters. A good agent should have outstanding qualities. Some of a good buying agent’s quality include:

1. Trustworthy

The buying agent should be a trusted person or company. You may carry out your research to know if the party can be trusted. You can pull off from the deal if there are red flags.

2. Excellent Communication Skills

The whole process is guided by communication. If the buying agent has poor communication capabilities, it would be hard for you to get the goods on time. If they are poor listeners, they may compromise the whole process.

3. Market Knowledge

A good buying agent should have sufficient knowledge of Chinese market. This shows you that they can deliver quality services at reasonable prices. 

4. Resources

You have to inquire more about the buying agent to know how resourceful they can be. This would mean knowing their networks and their portfolio.

5. Experience

The buying agent should be experienced to ensure that you get the best services. Experience guarantees the agent knows the technicalities experienced in the buying process.


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