When it comes to sourcing products from China, quality inspection is one of the most important factors that should be always considered. Quality has become a critical success factor for many organizations. 

When you manufacture products in China, it is essential that you keep quality control factors in mind. Markets simply will not accept defective, unsafe and poor-quality products, regardless as to the price point and discounting. For this reason, it is important to identify the right company in order to manage quality control at the highest possible level. There are a number of key things about quality control, as shown in the following:

1) Quality and Compliance

It is important to distinguish between quality and compliance as both are key components of manufacturing processes. Quality is defined as services and products that are intended to deliver specific performance levels whilst compliance is all about meeting regulatory requirements. The organizational goals of most businesses center upon manufacturing competitive products that drive profitability, thus, ensuring that the business thrives in an environment of rising product development costs and globalization. In order to achieve these goals, factories need to ensure the creation of high quality, compliant products.

2) Manufacturing Traceability

The need for manufacturing traceability is increasing globally with commercial pressures growing to meet regulatory requirements. By mitigating the risk of product recalls, performing end-to-end quality control of processes and reducing manufacturing costs, organizations can easily handle and minimize risks across the entire supply chain. The key focus here is the ability to help manufacturers to easily identify the problem when it occurs, together with the associated details.

3) Inspection Result

When quality inspection companies inspect products, there are a number of potential outcomes. These include Pass, Fail, Hold. Pass as we all know that the product/service is fit for purpose. Fail is clearly the opposite of Pass. When the result is Fail, then the product has significant defects and cannot be shipped. 

When the inspection indicates Hold, this means that there is some form of issue such as the dimensions of master carton are different to that on the PO, and other issues which need to double checked by the client. It is essential that every customer receives only those products that meet their specifications.


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