A product sourcing agent is the one who is responsible with the entire process of product importations from China to your country. Hiring a reliable product sourcing agent can help you with your overall business. Whether you are a first-timer or a frequent importer, hiring a product sourcing agent can be a good investment for your business. 

However, how to judge a good sourcing agent? Here are some qualifications commonly owned by good sourcing agents in China:

1. Excellent communication skills

Efficient and effective communication is crucial for any business. It is important to hire one you can rely on for his communication skills (both oral and written). The person must be able to properly communicate well with you in English and speak freely with your suppliers in Chinese. Hiring someone who clearly understands you and communicates with relative parties on behalf of can create your peace of mind.

While you can look for suppliers via online platform such as Alibaba, choosing the best among them in terms of quality and price can be confusing. By hiring a sourcing agent, you can find the suitable suppliers as the China sourcing agent clearly understands China manufacturing hubs, knows lots of good factories, and can establish a good working relationship with many suppliers. 

2. Good capability in quality control

A good sourcing agent knows the industry thoroughly, he fully understands your quality requirements and can effectively communicate your expectations with the suppliers. Also, the agent is well experienced in quality control, both in system and in operations. He specializes in your specific industry like electronics and consumer goods. The knowledge is very important to prevent potential issues, detect problems from an early stage. More importantly, he knows the compulsive requirements involved in importation to prevent noncompliance with the law in the future.

3. Experience in reducing importation risks

A reliable China sourcing agent should have years of experience in his field. These include extensive knowledge in production, documentation, and other rules and regulations in product importation from China to your markets. 

If you don’t have time to visit China to check out the products yourself, a reliable China sourcing agent can do the task. He will be primarily responsible with product inspections and dealing with production issues on-hand before delivering the finished good to you.

Following up on your orders in China can be tedious and stressful as well. A sourcing agent will help you ease that burden, so you can focus on your primary business activities.


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