There are hundreds of product categories, what would you choose for your business of selling on Amazon? You have to identify them through market research and surveys. Subsequently, when you identify those categories, it becomes easier for importing the products and sell on Amazon, if you follow bellow procedures.

1. Design Your Own Products

It’s time you turn the products unique with a logo – a unique one, necessarily. This way, you would avoid chances of getting mixed up with others. The suppliers on the other side will help you in achieving that. First of all, design a logo for the private label products. It wouldn’t cost too much and you can have what you want. If a supplier offers some incredible choices, you should consider and examine if it goes well for you. After selecting the logo, you have it printed on the cartons and packages of the products.

2. Get Help from Forwarders 

Have you known a freight forwarder? You have to know one. The freight forwarders are the go-getters for you. Bringing products from one country to another is a mammoth task. Since these freight forwarders are aware of the international shipping laws, they are the best people for the logistical arrangements. Not to forget the capabilities of Chinese suppliers. Yes, they are the ones who can help you find reliable freight forwarders. It isn’t a problem if you aren’t allowed to export or import from other countries because a third-party consignee agent can get that done for you.

3. Find Chinese Suppliers

You should find reliable manufacturing companies in China. Yes, there are large differences between them, if you investigate precisely. Your target is simple – find reliable products at low prices and sell them. It’s the only thing that lets you earn big money. Otherwise, you know what happens. Alibaba, Global sources, made-in-China will be the best B2B platform to look for suppliers yourself. To save time and save money, getting help from a sourcing agent will be great choice.

4. Percentage standards set for FBA

Order defective rate should be less than 1%.

Pre-fulfillment cancel rate should be less than 2.5%.

The late shipment rate should be less than 4%.

Failing to achieve these targets of Seller’ Performance would strip you from the seller privileges.

5. Check Product Samples 

How can you be sure about the products?

Eventually, the above question would pop in your head. You should never take chances. After negotiating with 2 to 3 suppliers, you can request for samples. Evaluating them on the basis of quality, appearance, and performance would give an accurate report. Generally, people would opt for products with lower prices, but that isn’t a good idea. If you want to leave a deep impression about your products, you have ascertained the facts about the products you are going to sell in the markets. If a sample does not match the specifics you have asked for, request for a better one that does so.

6. Manufacturing and Quality Control

After verifying the product quality by yourself and settling on prices, you can proceed to making the down-payment for manufacturing. At the next stage, prominent quality control actions are needed to be taken. Obviously, you can’t check personally if the import volume is too low as it would amount expensive costs. Rather, you would have a third-party inspection company for the product inspection job. Remember, all of these must happen before the consignment reaches the designated warehouse of Amazon.

7. Shipment to FBA warehouse

As freight forwarders bring the shipment via different modes (airplane or ship), it is vital that the packaging meets Amazon FBA requirements before it is loaded. Significantly, the freight forwarders may offer that service too. It includes inspection of product packages with respect to Amazon rules and regulations.

8. Begin your Amazon-based business

The above procedures seem long and tedious, but believe us when we say they will prove fruitful for you and your business, in terms of making money. Having a great reputation, your label will earn customer loyalty. That’s all because of ensuring top quality products for the customers and maintaining a warm relationship with the suppliers.


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