China is undoubtedly the largest manufacturing economy in the world. It is one of the largest exporters of products. The markets of China are known for their cost-effective, high-quality products. Hence the manufacturing sector of China has significantly boosted its economy.

The industrial markets of China are on par with the best ones across the globe. If you wish to source your business from China, this could prove to be your best decision. The difference in language and culture and the heterogeneity of the business practices that might starkly differ from your native place can prove to be a barrier. 

Selecting from the pool of products for investment, and to stand out amongst the foreign buyers, might seem difficult. This is where the Chinese sourcing agents step in. If you are not aware of the process of choosing one, don’t worry. Sourcing agents are the third party who will thoroughly help you to find the right supplier for you in the concerned country. The sourcing agents are aware of every minute detail of the country, from their business practices to their languages. Here is a list of things you need to consider while choosing a sourcing agent in China.

1) Location of The Sourcing Agent

While looking for the sourcing agent on the Internet, find the location of these agents. Do the research, find out if they are Chinese or an outlet of the foreign company established in China. Doing business with foreign companies will prove to be easier than proceeding with the Chinese ones. 

This is because internet policies are rigid in China. Hence investigating the credentials of the Chinese sourcing agent can be tricky. But, if you are going along with a foreign sourcing agent in China, check thoroughly if they have an established reputation and not faux. 

2) Experience of The Sourcing Agent

Western companies starkly differ from Chinese businesses in terms of operational factors. This could be ascertained to the difference in language, customs, and culture. Hence, you need to wisely choose a sourcing agent who has served a long time in China‘s service. If they have years of experience and expertise, they will certainly have a large network of trustworthy contacts. 

3) Check for References

Before you settle down for your sourcing agent, make sure they provide you with authentic references. Once you get hold of these, contact these references and check their websites. Ask them for reviews that is, if it is right for you to work with the concerned sourcing agent.

4) Get Required Documentation

It is the sourcing agent’s job to refer you to the appropriate documentation for the sourcing and shipping process. Sourcing agents will provide you with the documentation like the Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading, Certificate of Fumigation, along with a packing list.

5) Research on How They Deal with Quality Issues

It should be your duty to check how the sourcing agent deals with quality issues. Ensure that you will not compromise with the quality of the products.

6) Have Necessary License

Any established business will have a license to trade. Before you finalize your sourcing agent, check if they bear a legitimate license.

7) Check Language Proficiency

The sourcing agent based in China should have multiple languages, most importantly, English and Mandarin. Written and spoken abilities should be satisfactory for good business dealing.

8) Expertise in The Product You Want to Purchase

The sourcing agent should have expertise in the sourcing product that you want to trade with. Check how they have dealt with this product in the past, as each product has different dealing techniques.

9) Good Ethics

The ethics in dealing and trading is important. A sourcing agent should make sure that the supplier they source out is reliable. They should ensure that the supplier takes care of the quality of the products.


If you plan on sourcing the products for business from China, you must find the right China sourcing agent. A detailed analysis of how the sourcing agent has conducted its business in the past and their expertise in handling the trade and finding the right supplier will benefit your business.


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