More and more importers realize the benefits of using sourcing agents, not only they stay away from sourcing frauds, but also, they save time and money. In this article, we will tell you more details.

1) Save Your Time

Buyers always hope to source products efficiently. Picking out satisfying suppliers from thousands of suppliers in Alibaba is time-consuming and inefficient. Also, buyers cannot verify the qualifications of these suppliers one by one. Some suppliers in Alibaba have no experience in international trade, some do not have good quality management, it is difficult for them to guarantee on-time delivery and assured quality. Compared with sourcing in Alibaba by yourself, finding a reliable sourcing agent can offer you sound sourcing suggestions according to your requirement. Sourcing agents are familiar with local markets. They can pick out right suppliers with a good reputation from thousands of suppliers to ensure you a good sourcing experience from China. Thus, you can save lots of time on sourcing and be more efficient.

2) Choose Good Suppliers for You

There are thousands of different suppliers in Alibaba. The barrier in the communication between buyers and suppliers is quite difficult to bridge. Besides, some online suppliers are not familiar with the international shipment, so shipping can take a very long time to reach you. In this circumstance, finding a sourcing agent from China will be helpful. They can verify the qualification of suppliers and pick out a reliable one. Besides, some online suppliers are traders instead of manufactures. Products from them are at a higher price. Sourcing agents have close contact with factory outlets. They can help you get a competitive price. All these service sourcing agents provide can also help you reduce the risk of supplier fraud.

3) Offer Product Inspection Service

Suppliers from Alibaba have no service for products inspection. If you need, they will do an internal quality inspection which is according to international standard and not independent, countless lessens tell us that 3rdparty quality inspection is very important. Qualifications of these inspectors are hard to verify. If you use a professional sourcing agent, you no need to worry about the sourcing progress. Sourcing agents not only make sound sourcing plan according to your need but also offer independent quality inspection service. They can help you control the quality of products and reduce the risk of customer claims.

4) Provide Product Consolidation Service

It’s difficult for buyers to ask for consolidating goods from different suppliers, which means buyers will cost too much on international shipment. An experienced sourcing agent can do product collection, warehousing, international freight and shipping for buyers is helpful. If the product quantity you need is small, sourcing agents can ship your good in less than container loads (LCL) to save your shipment time and handling cost.


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