Products with the “Made in China” label have always been perceived as having one meaning: “Price, good! Quality, Not good!”. A quote from a piece of wide-published news in July clearly states the embarrassing status of “Made in China” in the eyes of people overseas. Even though they still continue to buy Chinese-made products.

Is it possible to get good quality products from China?

In reality, due to the increasing cost of production in western countries, most of big brands like: Apple, Samsung, BMW, Nike etc. have already turned to China for their manufacturing needs.

These companies usually open their own factory in China or setup joint venture with local factories, or OEM to China factories, and no matter which method they adopt, their products are still produced to the same quality standard as before. In fact, no matter where the products are made, be it China, America or Europe, as long as they undergo a strict quality control, they will meet same high standards.

So, it is possible to get good quality products from China.

What is good quality control?

As a professional third party inspection company, we suggest that clients make use of quality control throughout the production process, from the very beginning to the end.

The priority of every order is to select a good supplier, who is qualified and reliable. Signing an official contract is also important, as it should cover all potential risks and solutions, especially regarding quality control during production. You should carefully check the samples before production starts and arrange inspections throughout the manufacturing process; during production inspection, pre-shipment inspection and container loading supervision.

Having quality control will increase your expenditure compared to having no quality control. However, the benefits by far outstrip the costs. It is common for people to skip the inspection process for a repeat order to try and save money. But it happens a lot that after a few good shipments, one batch of goods arrive at the customer’s warehouse with serious defects.

What does pricing have to do with quality?

Another important factor to take into account is fairness. By being fair with your supplier and by paying a reasonable price for the product, which is mutually beneficial for you both, the factory will be more likely to take better care with your order. Hence you are more likely to receive good quality products.

All in all, it is highly advisable that people buying from China should arrange quality control, even if the factory they are using, has been their long term partner. It is also important to reach a contractual agreement that takes into account the quality control aspect. As always, last but not least, be fair with your supplier, the more you push down the price, the more chances of the supplier taking less care with your order. Doing these three things can help you assure that your products are good quality, so that your “made in China” products can mean “well made in China”.


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