When you choose a China supplier for your online business, it is important to remember the following important factors.

1). Affordable price: Price is the most obvious and important factor to take into consideration when looking for new drop shipping suppliers. Since there are various suppliers offer different prices for the same product, it’s important to shop around and see who offers the best deal with the best quality product.

2). High quality: There’s often a conformity between cost and quality: The more expensive the product, the better the quality. But quality is not only when the product meets its function, but also in suitable product package with good protection and required labels. You’d better talk to the supplier to ensure all details about the product before signing any contract.

3). Reliability: If your supplier sends a product in 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks as you announced to your customer, they will blame you, not your supplier. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask anyone who has experience in drop shipping and used to work with specific dropship suppliers for the best choice. Besides, don’t forget to research information about their earlier performance.

4). Shared culture: A good supplier relationship is built on shared culture goals and attitudes. A direct conversation with your supplier is not only let you know how they likely to work with other business, but also give you a chance to consider whether or not the relationship will work.

5). Sufficient product options: It’s better to choose a China supplier who can provide you with a diversity of products which fall into a category you’re familiar with. They commonly offer a cheaper price with significant customer service than the smaller suppliers. With this advantage, you can charge a higher price than other retailers while still ensure the customer’s satisfaction with your products.

6). Excellent customer support: There will be pop-up problems appear that you need to have a strong customer support team to answer any questions from customers or help solve the problems. Don’t forget to court about extra features like special deal alerts or inventory update.


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