Hiring a Chinese sourcing agentcan make things easier if you decide to import goods from China. But you need to learn how to work with them, to make your sourcing business smoother. Here are four tips to help importer obtain quality products from China, especially for the importers who source products from China for the first time.

Tip 1: Know Each Other Before Paying Any Money to China, Both Partners and Suppliers

Make something as a rule before working with a sourcing partner in China. Business license, contact person, and company profile are important documents, make sure you have them on hand before going forward.

(1) Contact information (Contact person, Email, Phone, and Address).

(2) Copy of business license.

(3) Company profile (Documents, Website, and Product Catalog).

If you are looking for a strategic supplier in China, you also need to audit the supplier before sending any money to China. You can hire a third-party company to audit it if you can’t visit in person.

Tip 2: Mare Sure You Can Contact the Right Person at Any Time

In China, a technical engineer will always not be involved in sourcing or market. So, please make sure you can find the right person for different communication. The sales manager is one of the most important people when having issue. He/she can help you to solve any question, should communicate with another colleague or introduce to you if you need.

Tip 3: Ask Your Chinese Sourcing Partner for Quality Control Report Before Delivering

Reliable China sourcing partner should provide quality control service to help you get good quality products from China. Their QC team inspects the products before shipping.

They should report to you if any quality issues and stop supplier to ship the products to you until the issue is solved.

A good partner should also be able to help you solve payment issue when you are in trouble, such as invoice issue.

Tip 4: Pay Attention to the Quality of Service if You are Looking for a Strategic Partner

Quality of service is one of the most important factors to keep a long-term cooperative relationship. A sourcing service company has the responsibility to do all the work. A good sourcing partner not only can export products from real manufacturer to customer, but also should be able to provide good services. For example, your Chinese sourcing partner should handle any quality issue and take actions to make sure it does not happen again.


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