Before you start to wholesale from China, you need to figure out below issues.

1. Who are the right wholesale suppliers?

Many people think real manufacturers in China will give a lower price than middleman when purchasing from China. But, things are not like that. All of the manufacturers in China have MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) requirement that Chinese suppliers will not produce products for you if the quantity on your purchase order cannot reach their lowest quantity requirement. And most of Chinese suppliers set different price for different quantity level. For example, MOQ 100 PCS, the unit price is 10 USD, however, MOQ 500, the unit price is 9 USD.

For most of small business owners, they always hire a Chinese agent as their purchasing partner in China. For the people who cannot visit China in person but know how to import goods from China, they would rather source products through a buying office or purchasing partner in China which can help them save time and money. What important is that a sourcing partner also can introduce some sources that your competitors will never discover.

2. Flow for buying wholesale and importing from China.

After selecting the type of wholesale supplier, you need to search the real supplier. For example, you need to verify manufacturer if you choose a manufacturing company as your business partner in China instead of a purchasing company or sourcing partner. But, whatever type of purchasing wholesale supplier you are planning to select, you need to learn some knowledge about flow for buying wholesale and importing from China. 

Wholesale from China can help you make more money if you are from a high cost country, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and UK. If you are an American and want to import some products from China to US, you should know how to import goods from China to US, no matter by express, air freight, or sea.

a. Delivery goods via international express.

Delivery by express is high cost due to packages are shipped by airplane and can delivery to any corner of the world within 48 hours (It is quite possible in the future). For small size package or sample, people always like to ship via express. In China, you can ship goods to overseas without customs clearance if the value of package is less than USD 500. Small size with large value and some urgent MRO products can be shipped via this method.

b. Import goods by air freight.

It is a long shipping time when shipping by sea, however, for some urgent purchase orders, customers need to get them in a short time, such as the lead time is one week. In that case, you should consider air freight. The freight is lower than ship by express if the weight is more than 100 kg. If you choose shipping by air freight, both you and your wholesale supplier need to do customs clearance work.

c. Ship goods by sea.

Shipping by sea is the most common way to import from China. And most of importers select ocean shipment as their first shipping method when buying wholesale from China. It is the cheapest way to ship your goods or products to the destination. However, this is longest delivery time during those shipping methods. Truck your product to port of departure, customs clearance, loading and set out, arrive the destination port, customs clearance, pay import duties from China and VAT, truck goods to your warehouse. This is the simple flow for importing from China. If you are a new importer or your company didn’t have import export authority, you can hire a third-party services company to help you.

d. Import tax from China.

Import from China is not like domestic business, you need to pay more tax, such as customs duties and VAT. Whether you need to pay those tax when importing from China depends on your local government and product item. You can check them by using HS code via internet or government. All we know, some products are encouraged to import, however, some items are limited.

What to import from china?

Now, you have known how to find buy wholesale suppliers in China. And you also have some knowledge about how to import from China. The next step is to learn what to import from China. If you are a dealer who specialize in some certain fields, you should know what to purchase. But, in order to stay competitive, you need to know what is hot products imported from China.

Products you are interested in or specialize in should be the first consideration to import from China. As a sourcing agent in China, we know that most of the factories or manufacturers in China didn’t have an exclusive dealing agreement with customers. As an overseas customer, you should maintain a good relationship with your buy wholesale suppliers in China. Maybe, you will get some information about what is hot in China at the first time. Visit some B2B sites such as Alibaba and made in China, you will discover some hot searching products.

Buy wholesale from China or outsourcing to China is easy if you can discover reliable supplier or partner. I believe you can find a good wholesale supplier in China if you are really planning to import from China. 


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