1.Excellent CEO or boss: 

Only excellent CEO or boss can make the enterprise develop healthily and stably.

2.High-quality management team: 

When the enterprise has high-quality and competent staff, the management of the company will be efficient and dynamic.

3.Stable staff: 

Stability of staff can ensure the quality consistency of the product. The excessive mobility of the staff will affect the quality of product.

4.Advanced equipment and facilities: 

Well-functioning machines guarantee the better quality of product.

5.Superior technology: 

The enterprise should not only have high-quality staff and good management,but also have experienced and innovative technical staff. Only through continuous technological reform and innovation can the quality of the product be guaranteed and material cost be reduced.

6.Splendid management systems:    

Scientific incentives,unimpeded management channels, and sound management systems can fully encourage staff to show their initiative,which also can make sure the supplier is reliable and their product and service are top-ranking.

7.Reliable quality control system:

Strict quality control measures and systems can confirm the right quality in China. 

8.Timely delivery:

A good supplier should honor the contract and the lead time should be well controlled. 

9.High-quality after-sales service support:

If theiry after-sale service terms is well stipulated in written forms, then it might be considered to be a good supplier as well. 

As a professional sourcing service company here in China, we always use above checkpoints to access and select a qualified supplier for our clients worldwide.


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