China has shed its image as a producer of cheap but poorly manufactured products.  Through the efforts of its government, the Chinese has attracted countless of foreign companies for sourcing.  Firms abroad obtain products from China because of factors like low-cost labor. Businesses that are into quality sourcing China must be conscious of certain things when finding the right sourcing specialist in the country.


Entrepreneurs or firms must have a clear idea on the products they would like to order from China. Product drawings and specifications can help a sourcing agent better understand the requirements of the client.

The Internet is a good place to start in looking for a sourcing representative in China. Most foreign buyers visit websites specializing in Chinese products and suppliers to get a list of potential purchasers in China. Some buyers even go to the extent of visiting websites or social media accounts of purchasers in hopes of learning more about the prospective sourcing representative.

Bigger businesses also send employees or representatives to exhibitions held in China. Exhibitions are a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs looking for potential supplier. Exhibitions in the big cities like Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai gather the most number of participants. The most reputable quality sourcing China agents also participate in this type of gathering. Firms and entrepreneurs should prioritize exhibitions with at least 200 exhibitors and attended by 20,000 visitors. Exhibitions also enable buyers to have a face-to-face meeting with potential purchasers.


Businessmen or purchasing officers should talk face-to-face with potential suppliers first before signing a contract. It is also encouraged that a visit to the local factory be made to give the client a better understanding of how the potential supplier works. A visit to the local factory will also give an idea on the type of machines used as well as the number of personnel working on the product.  

Stringent selection also requires clients to ask for recognizable standards of quality like ISO. The track record of the purchaser should also be scrutinized particularly in terms of exporting overseas.

In selecting sourcing representatives, most businesses usually put a premium on the costs. However, not all sourcing agents in China that can promise the cheapest costs for their clients are to be trusted. Most of the time, cheap products also equate to poor quality. When selecting a quality sourcing China agent, quality should be the top priority all the time.


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