When it comes to sourcing products from another nation, you can either choose to do it yourself or work with a global sourcing agent. Even though a number of small business owners opt to handle the sourcing requirements themselves, it is a bit of a hassle. If you are sourcing from China, there is the added difficulty of learning the local language. Do you have so much of time and resources to spare? If not, the best solution would be to collaborate with a professional sourcing agent.

1). Local representation of your company

Sourcing agents will act as the local representatives of your organization in the country or region from where you want to source products. Since these agents have in-depth local expertise and experience, they can fetch you the best deals. Since a majority of sourcing companies have offices in foreign countries, they can assist you in maintaining a good relationship with suppliers based on trust. Sourcing agents will always keep your business agenda on the forefront and strive hard to serve and represent your interests. 

2). Decreased logistics expenses

As you engage a sourcing company for carrying out your procurement tasks, the agent can help your organization in avoiding unnecessary expenditure. In case you were to source products yourself, you would be required to make frequent trips to the procurement destination. In the long run, the frequent travelling and subsequent accommodation costs will drain your company’s financial resources. With a sourcing agent present on-site, you can be rest assured that you will get best quality products without having to be physically present. 

3). Enhanced safety and security

In overseas product sourcing, your company is not situated in the area from where you are sourcing goods. There are high chances that you have never visited the foreign nation before and do not have any known associates who can help you. Under such circumstances, the chances of being deceived by scammers becomes quite high. The suppliers may pose as trustworthy and reliable, but may not provide you with what they have promised. To avoid such situations, turn to the expertise of the sourcing agents who already have a list of trusted suppliers in leading sourcing destinations. These agents also frequently update their list and provide unbiased recommendations. With these agents handling your sourcing requirements, you know that you will be dealing with only the very best of suppliers.

4). Effective communication

Language is a huge hurdle when doing business outside of one’s country. When sourcing bulk products, miscommunication is certainly not an option. You would not want an entire shipment of wrong products delivered to you! Such situations can be avoided by working with a procurement agent. Professional agents are proficient in the native language and will effectively convey your message to the suppliers. This will eliminate all kinds of disruptions that might occur in business activity. 

5). Lessening of your workload

When you engage a sourcing agent, the agents will take complete charge of your business tasks, such as finding the right supplier after vetting them, negotiating prices on your behalf, arranging for logistics and so on. They will help in reducing your responsibilities and ensure that the procurement of products is completed smoothly. Furthermore, this will save you effort and time, which can be utilized for other important aspects of business. 

Sourcing agencies offering global procurement services are a blessing for companies that need outsourcing their product requirements. Hiring an agent is the ideal solution as they not only reduce hidden costs, but seamlessly and professionally manage sourcing activities.


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